Enhancing patient comfort in breast imaging


Over the past several years, medical technology companies, especially those involved in mammography, have focused intensively on technological developments to improve diagnostic accuracy. Seemingly little emphasis was placed on the patient experience. However, times are changing, and a variety of innovations are being introduced with the patient in mind. These are aimed to enhance patient comfort, but also increase the number of women participating in screening and mammography (in order to detect cancers earlier) and thus, decrease the mortality rate for breast cancer. Workflow enhancements for breast imaging, which pave the way for a higher number of screening examinations in even less time, are very important for imaging institutes and patients alike.

Early detection increases the odds of breast cancer survival, because it is more likely that the cancer has not yet spread to the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, a considerable number of women still hesitate to participate in screening for a variety of reasons. One underlying issue is insufficient information about the importance of breast imaging, particularly with regard to early detection. In addition, many women experience anxiety related to the possibility of receiving a false positive or possibly even being recalled due to a conspicuous finding. Many women have strong concerns or even fear of breast compression during the examinations. They often go to the examination with the expectation that it will hurt. All of these factors are reasons why a substantial number of women are hesitant to participate in mammography.

Fortunately, mammography vendors have recently recognized these issues and have come up with different approaches designed to provide patients with a more pleasant breast imaging experience, while also boosting workflow efficiency for the imaging institute. Throughout the beginning of next year we will be putting the spotlight on patient comfort in breast imaging, fast examinations and general innovations to increase the number of women participating in screening.

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