MAMMOMAT Revelation unplugged helps save energy costs


Saving energy, acting resource-friendly and taking care of our ecological footprint is not only something we as individuals have to take care of – healthcare providers need to do so as well. Operating 24/7, hospitals are high energy consumers. MAMMOMAT Revelation¹ can help to achieve a more positive energy balance. How? By having a low standard consumption anyway and by providing for additional energy savings. Unlike other mammography systems, MAMMOMAT Revelation can easily be turned off at night or on weekends. This can account for energy savings of over 1,200 euros per year and 12,000 euros over its lifetime. But how do we get to this figure?

MAMMOMAT Revelation has a base load of 0.5 kW.

The average price for energy is around 0.4 euros/kWh (Germany)².

Let’s assume the following: 


MAMMOMAT Revelation is switched off from 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. = 14 hours
14 hours x 0.5 kW x 0.4 euros/kWh = 2.8 euros


MAMMOMAT Revelation is switched off Friday 5 p.m. until midnight for 7 hours, Saturday and Sunday for 48 hours plus Sunday midnight until Monday 7 a.m. for 7 hours = 62 hours during weekends

62 hours x 0.5 kW x 0.4 euros/kWh = 12.4 euros

1 week = weekend + 4 nights = 62h + (4x14h) = 118 hours

118 hours x 0.5 kW x 0.4 euros/kWh = 23.6 euros

1 year = 52 weeks

23.6 euros x 52 weeks = 1227.2 euros per year.

If for example the system is used for 10 years this leads to energy savings of more than 12,000 euros per system. 

Simple math which is absolutely worth keeping in mind when thinking about ways to save energy.³