Nexaris MR

Improve the management of neurosurgery patients

Nexaris Angio MR

As part of our Nexaris Therapy Suites, Nexaris MR combines premium MRI technology with MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida with state-of-the-art OR solutions. This results in highly detailed image quality, safe, efficient patient set-up and -transport, as well as cost-effective and flexible solutions for siting and OR tables.

Features & Benefits

Nexaris Angio MR

Brain tumors such as gliomas are the most frequent and malignant primary brain tumors in adults with a 5-year mortality rate > 90%2,3. MRI-guidance together with advanced image processing in neurosurgery can improve the management of brain tumor patients4–11:

  • Increases the rates of gross total resection, overall survivorship, and lowers complication rates and

    rate of readmission4,5,7

  • Enhances both extent of resection (overall gross overall resection: 88.5% vs. 44%) and 6-month progression-free survival (73% vs. 38.9%)7

  • Allows pre-operative functional mapping to facilitate precision resection and reduce adverse neurological effects post-surgery11

Nexaris Dockable Table

Intraoperative MR with MAGNETOM Vida and the Nexaris Dockable Table

MRI-guided neurosurgery with MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida. Siemens Healthineers top-of-the line MRI systems for optimizing your neurosurgical procedures – before, during and after surgery. For example, better access and more satisfied patients due to 70 cm Open Bore, short system length, and light-weight coils.

Simple and efficient ioMR workflow and seamless access to multi-modality imaging with the DORO LUCENT surgical head clamp from Black Forest Medical Group1.

The Nexaris Dockable Table allows an easy, direct patient transfer as well as flexible patient positioning in a surgical head clamp.

  • Whole-body MR imaging
  • Only one direct patient transfer
  • No patient repositioning

    Getinge Table

    Getinge Maquet Magnus 1180.13

    Flexible neurosurgery options with a choice of compatible OR Tables.

    Getinge Maquet Magnus 1180.131

    • Segmented tabletop, available with either fixed or

      mobile columns

    • Generally used for open OR procedures and supports intraoperative MR imaging


    Getinge Maquet Magnus 1180.12

    Getinge Maquet Magnus 1180.121

    • Flat, non-segmented tabletop with fixed column
    • Supports both open OR procedures and Hybrid OR procedures in conjunction with intraoperative MR imaging as well as intra-operative angiography and CT imaging

    Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Combi Suite Neurosurgery - Image - Effectiveness in operation

    Two-room siting scenario

    Easy placement and integration of MRI systems with different room solutions.

    With their small footprints, MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida are easy to install and quickly integrated in your existing intraoperative setting. Being a complete, yet flexible solution, Nexaris MR can provide great versatility to fit your needs and ensures optimal use of your facilities, e.g.:

    • Two-room siting scenario: Combines one operating room with one MR room open for routine diagnostics.

    Nexaris MR Three-room-scenarios

    Three-room siting scenarios

    • Three-room siting scenarios: Possibility to have two operating rooms combined with one MR room open for routine diagnostics. Possibility to have one diagnostic MR room combined with two operating rooms for intraoperative MR and angio imaging.

    Clinical Use

    fMRI of right hand movements, adjacent to lesion (red arrow).
     fMRI of right hand movements, adjacent to lesion (red arrow).

    Nexaris MR allows for MRI in the Neuro-OR setting with a smooth patient transfer to and from the MRI system. Intraoperative MR imaging provides valuable information that might change your surgical strategy. Discover superior MRI visualization of brain morphology and function and benefit from intraoperative MRI applications.