Atellica Process Manager

Do more than control processes—optimize them 

Atellica Process Manager

Atellica® Process Manager combines a centralized command center with built-in business analytics so labs can better control and optimize processes.

  • Standardize and optimize clinical operations across your laboratory through built-in analytics and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Identify and resolve problems that occur in the pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic stages with advanced performance metrics.
  • Increase workforce productivity with centralized oversight, including the ability to control all systems,* view reagent levels, and review testing exceptions from one screen.
  • Deliver transparent and predictable turnaround times through the implementation of rules and at-risk sample alerts.

Features & Benefits

Atellica Process Manager

Walk less. Control more.

A centralized command center enables staff to reduce time spent running from system to system to manage testing operations. With an integrated and centralized command center, staff can perform most sample and test management functions in real time from their workspaces, or even from other remote locations.

  • Remotely control all systems,* view reagent levels, and review testing progress from one screen.
  • Implement test-specific turnaround time (TAT) rules and receive alerts for samples before they exceed your lab’s TAT targets.
  • Manage priority samples (e.g., STAT samples) and TAT exceptions to deliver predictable turnaround times.
  • View the real-time process status of automation, IT, and connected instruments.

    Connect data. Enhance performance.

    By consolidating and analyzing data from disparate sources, Atellica Process Manager can help you measure, monitor, and improve your lab’s performance. With 15 out-of-the-box reports, you can gain deeper insight into workflow challenges and enhance performance.

    • Investigate and improve turnaround time.
    • Optimize staff, system, and reagent efficiency.
    • Easily access historical operating information.
    • Review processing workflow and solution analytics.

    Want to learn more about our real-time, out-of-the-box business analytics? See how Atellica Process Manager enables labs to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and tackle their biggest workflow challenges with true analytical insight.


    Atellica Process Manager has helped Singing River Health System realize significant improvements in overall quality and workflow. From operational and TAT improvements to faster identification and resolution of issues, hear how Atellica Process Manager has transformed operations in their network.

    Technical Specifications

    Atellica Process Manager is an open process management and analytics tool that enables labs to consolidate most instrument testing and management tasks into a single command center with centralized oversight for streamlined control—with less running around. The tool supports most Siemens Healthineers instruments and third-party systems.