Vasküler Cerrahi3D Image Guided Surgery

As a vascular surgeon, complex procedures define your day. When repairing aortic aneurysms, you are doing precision work that requires unwavering concentration. Lengthy planning and preparation can get in the way, slowing you down and diverting your attention from what matters most. Now there is a way to cut out the distractions and make your endovascular aortic repair workflow simpler and more comfortable. The EVAR Guidance Engine1 provides automated support before, during, and after stent deployment, so you’re free to focus on what matters most: your skills as a surgeon.

With the EVAR Guidance Engine, Siemens Healthcare offers a solution that feels right at first sight, expanding your surgical capabilities and improving clinical outcomes. The first automated workflow for stent deployment with fusion imaging takes the hassle out of all standard EVAR procedures and helps you tackle complex FEVAR cases. Automated guidance with fusion imaging during stent deployment enables precise stent positioning and – compared to conventional fluoro guidance – reduces the amount of contrast media for the patient. Immediate assessment of stent position helps reduce complications and early reinterventions.

EVAR Guidance

Save your brainpower for stent deployment.
EVAR Guidance Engine: The first automated workflow for endovascular repair.

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