TRUS Destekli Prostat Biyopsisi için Sanal MR/Ultrason Rehberliği
Siemens offers the ArtemisTM solution by Eigen1

TRUS Destekli Prostat Biyopsisi için Sanal MR/Ultrason Rehberliği
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"I take care of my health, so I undergo regular PSA testing. Due to rising PSA levels, I had to have biopsy samples taken – under ultrasound guidance. No cancer was detected. But my PSA continued to rise. Twenty-four more samples were taken in a repeat procedure. This confirmed that I had cancer. My physician indicated that the cancer was not high risk and initially recommended active monitoring. However, my PSA is continuing to rise and he is getting worried. He wants me to have another prostate biopsy.”

Patient Concerns

Many patients diagnosed with prostate cancer and patients with negative biopsy results but continously rising PSA levels have concerns about the quality of diagnosis and the best treatment methods. They want improved methods for detecting and diagnosing high-risk cancer and more convenient biopsy.

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