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3gAllergy Helps Screen, Diagnose, and Monitor Patients

Allergies are often inherited. Children with one or more allergic parents should be assessed for atopic risk by testing for specific IgE to common food and inhalant allergens.

A clinical history of skin, gastrointestinal, or respiratory symptoms that are suggestive of allergy often prompts a pediatrician or family doctor to prescribe specific IgE testing. Food allergies are more frequently seen in young children, while inhalant allergies usually appear later in childhood. Consequently, it is recommended that children under the age of 2 be tested for specific IgE (antibodies) to common food allergens initially, and then tested for inhalant allergies when they get older.

The 3gAllergy™ assay is a third-generation allergen-specific IgE assay that aids in the diagnosis and early treatment of allergy patients. The 3gAllergy assay delivers fast and accurate results to help enhance the quality of care and service provided to the patient. The 3gAllergy proven technology assay can be used by physicians to identify, monitor, and manage patients with allergic diseases.