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Optimize ProgramUnleashing the hidden potential of imaging systems

As a healthcare provider and operator of imaging devices, you are committed to protecting patients and staff from unnecessary exposure to radiation and media such as contrast agents. You also strive to deliver precise and reproducible diagnostic results, and to provide a positive patient experience in an increasingly competitive environment. To be highly productive, you see a constant need to optimize your operational performance and achieve workflow efficiency in diagnostic scanning procedures.

With the Optimize Program, we can help you to streamline your examination workflows and imaging protocols, focusing on both people and processes. Our holistic approach to optimizing equipment use means we can define areas for improvement and create a customized roadmap for you, based on statistical system utilization data and the expertise of our top application specialists.

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Optimize Dose1

Optimize Dose uses a customized roadmap that helps you improve radiation dose performance for increased patient and staff safety. Optimize Dose provides a holistic, targeted approach to optimizing dose exposure.

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Optimize Efficiency2

Optimize Efficiency helps you improve equipment utilization and optimize examination workflows for smooth-running operations. It provides a holistic, targeted approach to improving operational performance in diagnostic scanning procedures.

Clinical experts discussing contrast media management

Optimize Contrast Imaging2

Optimize Contrast Imaging uses a customized roadmap that helps you improve contrast media management for increased patient safety. Your patients receive the appropriate contrast media dose per examination without you compromising on image quality. Optimize Contrast Imaging provides a holistic, targeted approach to optimizing contrast media management.

Optimize Structured Reporting

Optimize Structured Reporting3

Optimize Structured Reporting is a consulting program designed to make efficient use of your syngo reporting functionalities. Standardized reporting templates support consistent treatment decisions and enable you to deliver better patient outcomes.

Optimize Virtual Workflow

Optimize Virtual Workflow2

Optimize Virtual Workflow is your tailored consulting program targeted to operationalize, enhance, and enable the virtual clinical workflow while incorporating syngo Virtual Cockpit into your imaging environment as quickly as possible.

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