Help Manage Chronic Diseases with In-pharmacy Diagnostic Solutions
Get lab-quality results with trusted point-of-care brands

Help Manage Chronic Diseases with In-pharmacy Diagnostic Solutions
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Have you ever wondered how point-of-care testing can reshape your pharmacy business?

Imagine this: A major American retail pharmacy services more than 8 million customers per day in its stores and online.1 In addition, 30.3 million Americans, or 9.4% of the population, have diabetes.2 That retail pharmacy chain is potentially serving more than 750,000 diabetics each day.

As the age of our population increases, so do the prevalence and risk of chronic diseases. Today, pharmacies can play a larger role in the monitoring of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease. Supplementing primary care and offering in-pharmacy diagnostic testing programs, pharmacies provide important access to healthcare in communities around the country.

Here are five ways that Siemens Healthineers point-of-care analyzers and tests can help you manage your patients’ chronic diseases in-pharmacy:

  1. CLIA-waived*: Minimum-step test procedures with no sample or reagent preparation.
  2. Results in minutes: Allows for patient counseling immediately after testing to help improve outcomes.
  3. Lab-quality results: Results proven to correlate well with reference laboratory methods.
  4. Error-free data capture: Flexible analyzer connectivity supports auto-transmission of test and QC results.
  5. World-class technical support: Our customer care teams provide assistance and consultation.

Clinical Benefits

The clinical value of in-pharmacy POC testing

  • Monitor the state of a diagnosed condition
  • Assess overall patient wellness
  • Identify at-risk individuals and influence preventive lifestyle changes
  • Detect chronic disease and pre-existing conditions
  • Satisfy growing demand for convenient walk-in healthcare support 


Essential in-pharmacy tests for chronic health conditions

Pharmacy ProgramTest Solution from Siemens HealthineersTest Utility
Monitor and diagnose diabetes and pre-diabetesΔDCA® Systems HbA1c TestΔQuantitative results from a fingerstick, whole-blood sample
Monitor and drive glycemic controlDCA Systems HbA1c TestΔQuantitative results from a fingerstick, whole-blood sample
Detect early kidney disease in high-risk individualsACR Test using DCA Systems Microalbumin Cassette
ACR Test using CLINITEK® Microalbumin-2 and Microalbumin-9 Reagent Urine Strips**
Microalbustix® ACR Reagent Urine Strip

Multistix PRO® 10 LS Urinalysis Strips

Quantitative results from a spot urine specimen
Semiquantitative instrument-read-and-reported results on the CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer from a spot urine specimen
Qualitative, dip-and-read results from a spot urine specimen
Detect bacteriuria indicative of urinary-tract infection (UTI)CLINITEK Microalbumin-9** and Multistix® Family Reagent Strip TestsMultiple instrument read-and-reported results on the CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer from a spot urine specimen
Monitor warfarin (COUMADIN®¶) oral anticoagulant therapy (OAT)Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyzer§ Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) TestQuantitative results from fingerstick capillary blood
Detect colorectal diseaseHema-Chek® Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) TestQualitative slide-read results
Detect early pregnancyCLINITEST® hCG Cassette TestQualitative results on the CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer from a spot urine specimen
Perform routine checks for wellnessMultistix Family Reagent Strip TestsMultiple instrument read-and-reported results on the CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer from a spot urine specimen



A comprehensive in-pharmacy diagnostic testing program can help build a legacy of trust and satisfaction and inspire loyalty among your pharmacy patrons.

CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer

A POC system with a comprehensive urinalysis menu for routine testing, detection of early kidney disease, and hCG pregnancy testing.

For kidney disease, we have a portfolio of albumin-to-creatinine ratio urine tests that can be used to detect early kidney disease in patients with diabetes or in high-risk groups. We also offer a line of routine urinalysis test strips and an hCG pregnancy test that can be read on our CLINITEK Status® Family of Urine Analyzers.

  • Instrument-read-and-reported urine strip results eliminate the subjectivity of visual interpretation.
  • System delivers accurate spot testing on varying urine concentrations with no test preparation.
  • Measuring urinary ACR is recommended for screening individuals at risk of kidney disease, such as those over 60 years old, those with diabetes and high blood pressure, and those with a family history of kidney failure.

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DCA Vantage Analyzer

A POC system that helps you monitor glycemic control and detect early kidney disease.

The DCA Vantage® Analyzer is a multipurpose system offering HbA1c for monitoring diabetes and albumin, creatinine, and A:C tests for detecting early kidney disease.

  • On-site results, testing, and patient education can all occur in one visit.
  • Simple test procedure requires no sample or reagent preparation.
  • Comprehensive onboard tools include patient-trending graphs and a GFR calculator to support effective time-of-visit consultations.
  • Fewer visits saves patients money, with less time off work and fewer co-pay fees.

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Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer

A handheld POC analyzer that helps you monitor patients on warfarin anticoagulation therapy.

The Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyzer helps to monitor patients on warfarin anticoagulation therapy. This handheld analyzer is designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and address the key areas of importance in POC testing such as usability, safety, efficiency, and accuracy.

  • Interactive touchscreen, step-by-step instructions, and bar-code scanner enhance usability.
  • Ergonomic, easy portability, and a small sample volume maximize testing efficiency.
  • Dade® Innovin® reagent provides results comparable to laboratory methods.
  • Test strip eject button helps minimize potential biohazard exposure.

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*  For United States, CLIA-waiver may not apply to all products.

Δ DCA HbA1c test kit 10698915 (an aid to diagnose and identify patients at risk for developing diabetes) is not available for sale in the U.S. Product availability varies by country.
**Not available in the U.S. Product availability varies by country.
Product available in U.S. and Japan.
§ Cleared for use in moderately complex settings.
COUMADIN® is a registered trademark of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

(Medical and Surgical Clinic of Irving (Texas, USA)) - The outcomes obtained by the Siemens customer described here were realized in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no typical laboratory, and many variables exist, there can be no guarantee that others will achieve the same results.