Heightened system security and data in a connected world

Raising the Bar in IT Data SecurityRAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas System

Cybersecurity criminals are constantly seeking to harvest IDs and patient information to commit medical fraud or even compromise an entire healthcare IT infrastructure. Medical devices are acknowledged as one of the weakest entry points into hospital networks. RAPIDPoint 500e systems have built-in protections against threats from hackers. Robust, automated defenses help maintain and safeguard your institution's IT security, allowing you to focus on patients without worrying about device intrusion or data theft.

Latest Operating System

Minimize system vulnerability with the latest operating software by leveraging the latest in security enhancements.

  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 operating system enhances analyzer security.
  • Software allows you to perform secure installations and encrypt setup and restore.

Firewall and Positive Endpoint

Prohibit unauthorized access with a discriminating firewall.

  • Blocks Trojans, intrusions, and hacking attempts.
  • Monitors traffic, defines/limits the specific analyzer ports that are allowed to accept or export data, and prohibits access to any other ports.

Block unauthorized external connections.

  • Permit/deny a local subnet's remote viewer access, LIS/HIS access, or both.

Two-step Authentication

Prevent operation by untrained staff.

  • Two-step authentication provides the option to configure analyzers with a second layer of protection, requiring the operator to enter an ID in addition to a password upon login.

Encrypted Patient Data Transfer

Secure the privacy of patient data transfer.

  • Create an encrypted password when downloading from an analyzer. The same password must be used to decrypt and view the data when transferred to a device or data manager.
  • With the power of the POCcelerator™ Data Management System, you can leverage end-to-end data encryption.
  • Configurable (on/off) USB port to meet hospital requirements.


Mitigate targeted attacks with MCAFEE embedded anti-malware.

  • Whitelists allow only trusted programs necessary for daily operations to reduce the potential attack surface.
  • Blocks unauthorized programs and prevents inadvertently downloaded code from running.