myExam Companion

myExam Companion

Intelligence that works with you

myExam Companion breaks down the barriers of complex MRI operations using a new philosophy on how to operate MRI. It leverages the new possibilities of digitalization and AI, to turn data into integrated expertise and tailored assistance to benefit the user and address the clinical question. This helps users efficiently achieve high-quality results – regardless of their experience level, the patient, or throughput.

Which mode should you work with?

Different modes. Different use cases. Consistent IQ: Powered by AI myExam Companion provides tailored user assistance enabling consistent and reproducible results. 
myExam Autopilot

myExam Autopilot

  • Novice users automate exams intelligently
  • Scan at high quality with just a simple click
  • For 70% of MRI exams1
myExam Assist

myExam Assist

  • Users benefit from flexible and guided exam workflows
  • Predefined and adjustable exam strategies
  • Even for demanding exams such as abdomen – covering 90% of MRI exams1
myExam Cockpit

myExam Cockpit

  • Users customize protocols intuitively
  • Create and maintain exam programs
  • For all programs – allows customization according to your individual needs

myExam Autopilot

myExam Autopilot offers users most advanced and intelligent automation. It enables users to scan at high quality with just a simple click and has the potential to remove burdensome routine tasks.

Innovative usability with myExam Autopilot

  • MRI operation drastically simplified
  • Automated protocol without the need for any manual adjustments.
  • Clear design with a focus on what users need – and without any distractions
  • Novel usability with touch or click interaction

myExam Autopilot covers over 70%1 of MRI exams

  1. myExam Brain Autopilot
  2. myExam Knee Autopilot
  3. myExam Spine Autopilot

myExam Assist

myExam Assist provides guided workflows. Users can select exam strategies or flexibly adapt them based on the patient’s condition. It allows for high quality, efficient exams even when conditions change. 

myExam Companion
myExam Abdomen Assist

  • Standardized exam strategies for all supported body regions
  • Decision logic for consistent adaptations
  • Useful automation with automated slice/ volume positioning

myExam Assit covers over 90%1 of MRI exams

  1. myExam Brain Assist
  2. myExam Shoulder Assist

  3. myExam Spine Assist
  4. myExam Abdomen Assist
  5. myExam Hip Assist
  6. myExam Knee Assist

myExam Cockpit

myExam Cockpit allows users to customize intuitively. It provides a central workspace for protocol management. Users can set up and maintain protocols, build knowledge into standardized exams and make those continuously available for every user in the MRI department.

myExam Companion

Customize intuitively with myExam Cockpit 

  • Configure all your protocols to your individual needs
  • Configure and set-up myExam Autopilot or Assist programs
  • Efficient protocol management with explorer and editor in one
  • Instantly edit, save, and run your protocols – for maximum flexibility even during an examination


Integrated Autosuite – powered by AI

Providing ease-of-use, consistency, and reproducibiltiy in myExam Autopilot or Assist while remaining customizable to your standards in myExam Cockpit.


AutoAlign, AutoCoverage, and AutoFoV

For consistent slice or volume coverage and orientation
myExam Autosuite

AutoBolus Detection and AutoVoiceCommands

For consistent timing of breathing or contrast in dynamic imaging
myExam Autosuite

AutoLabeling and AutoCoil Select 

Eliminate the need for manual coil selection or labeling tasks