Enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c assay for the Atellica CH Analyzer

Atellica CH Enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c assayHigh-performing HbA1c assay and workflow solution tailored to your laboratory’s unique needs

Each laboratory is unique in its hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) testing needs. Nonetheless, all laboratories need reliable tests that are robust, standardized, accurate, precise, reproducible, and subject to minimal interference from hemoglobin variants. As the prevalence of global diabetes—1 in 10 (537 million) adults are living with diabetes1—and physicians’ adoption of well-established testing recommendations continue to rise, laboratory volume for HbA1c testing will also continue to grow. To address the rising demand for testing, your lab needs:

  • Not only a high-quality, robust assay, but also a cost-effective HbA1c testing solution
  • Not just cost-effective HbA1c testing, but also a scalable platform that meets testing needs today and in the future
  • Not just a scalable platform, but also an efficient, fully automated solution

Is the Atellica CH HbA1c Assay Right for Your Lab?

The Atellica® CH enzymatic HbA1c assay:

  • Delivers a fully automated workflow from sample to result, improving operational efficiency.
  • Provides NGSP certification and IFCC standardization.
  • Offers high precision and accuracy for better patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrates <5% interference with most common HbA1c variants for confidence in the quality of results.

The Atellica CH Analyzer improves efficiencies and helps future-proof your lab for upcoming HbA1c demand by:

  • Streamlining your laboratory workflow to help achieve consistent turnaround time
  • Enhancing your laboratory’s productivity by increasing walkaway time
  • Supporting a future increase in HbA1c testing volume without additional capital investment, with the flexibility to tailor the Atellica CH 930 Analyzer for your HbA1c testing demands through two options:     
    • Standard: Onboard pretreatment reagent capacity of up to 300 tests
    • Workflow enhancement kit:* Onboard pretreatment reagent capacity of up to 2200 tests

“Adding Hba1c testing to our Atellica Chemistry Analyzer test menu made much more sense than making room for a dedicated, one-test instrument on the track. This allows us to be as flexible as we can with the smallest possible footprint in our laboratory. This allows us more room to expand for the future.”

 Mr. Justin Schellekens, Department HeadClinical Chemistry, 
 Star-shl, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Assay Specifications

Choose from two Atellica CH HbA1c workflow solutions—standard and workflow enhancement—based on your unique testing needs and volume. 

The workflow enhancement kit:*

  • Adds flexibility to tailor your Atellica CH 930 Analyzer for your laboratory’s A1c testing needs.
  • Reduces A1c reagent and consumable management in the higher-volume A1c laboratory.
  • Assists in minimizing hands-on time and labor.
  • Maximizes onboard menu capacity with a dedicated pretreatment solution area.

Standard HbA1c Workflow Solution

HbA1c Workflow Enhancement Solution

Sample Type

Whole blood

Whole blood

Sample Volume

4.5 µL/23.3

3.4 µL/23.3

Detection Capability

LoB: 3.11%
LoD: 3.53%

LoB: 3.11%
LoD: 3.53%

Lot Calibration Interval

180 days

180 days

Pack Calibration Interval

63 days

63 days

Pretreatment Solution  Onboard Stability 

63 days

30 days

Pretreatment Reagent Onboard Volume

40 mL

180 mL

Pretreatment Solution Onboard Tests

Up to 300

Up to 2200

Time to First Result

10 minutes

10 minutes 

Measuring Interval

(18.03–129.50 mmol/mol)

(18.03–129.50 mmol/mol)

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