Five critical domains for success in public healthInsights Series, issue 11: How expanding precision medicine can help in effectively managing pandemics


The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing challenge to public health systems around the world. It has exposed the stark reality that many of these systems could be better prepared to make effective and coordinated responses to combat and contain the spread of a novel infectious disease. While there isn't one single solution to prepare for pandemics, this paper highlights 5 critical domains for success in public health - learned from managing COVID-19 and other outbreaks.

This thought leadership paper is part of the Siemens Healthineers Insights Series - The New Normal. It provides ideas and practical solutions on 'Innovating personalized care'.

How can nations around the world be better prepared for the “new normal” and the next pandemic?

A new pandemic is inevitable, but health systems can be better prepared for the next event. Five critical domains were identified as key to successfully navigating pandemics: Testing, tracing and surveillance, public health infrastructure, global collaboration, and trusted communication. And since not all patients are the same, it is vital to identify high-risk subpopulations to help develop tailored precision medicine approaches among them: in other words, precision medicine at scale. The steps described in this paper will help health systems to be better prepared for pandemics.

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