3D Echocardiography SymposiumSiemens Healthineers Academy

The symposium will cover the following topics:

  • 3D techonology. Realtime versus stiching. Pitfalls and clinical benefits.
  • How do we/can we use 3D in the daily routine? LVA, volume, SV, Valves.
  • 3D live Color Doppler. New possibility for quantification of mitral regurgitation by calculation of RV and RF.
  • Right ventricle analysis
  • Recommendation EAE/ASE
  • 2D strain LV/LA/RV

Location Siemens Healthineers Stockholm, Sweden

The 3D echocardiography symposium is targeted towards doctors/echotechnicians, who master 2D echocardiography and wishes to acquire new knowledge of 3D/4D echotechniques and clinical applications.

If you are interested in attending the Symposium, you have the possibility to sign up a for a Registration of interest