How Healthcare is Deploying Precision Diagnosis and Individualized Treatment at ScaleOur article in the Journal of Precision Medicine provides answers

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As populations age and advanced therapies continue to grow more expensive, scaling up precision in medicine is an approach that can help healthcare executives add value by reducing costs and improving clinical results. The age of precision medicine --tying pinpoint diagnoses to individualized treatment --has already begun. The challenge now is to find cost-effective ways to scale up this potential game changer in order that its transformative power can be unleashed on a larger scale.

This is just the beginning of a new approach to providing the right treatment at the right time for every patient!

Learn more in our new article in the Journal of Precision Medicine:

  • Expanding precision in medicine is already opening the door to delivering greater value by improving outcomes and reducing costs.
  • The twin goals of more precise diagnoses and more individualized treatment are already within reach.
  • Expanding precision medicine rests on four pillars: improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing unwarranted variations, personalizing when it matters, and advancing therapy outcomes.
  • The capability is there to improve outcomes and reduce costs. What's needed now is the vision, leadership and will to bring it to scale so that 21st century precision medicine is available to everyone.