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Interventional OncologyIncrease precision for better patient outcomes

To realize our vision of a world without fear of cancer, together with Varian, we are continually innovating personalized care. As the fourth pillar of cancer care, interventional oncology plays a significant role in shaping precision therapy. Along the patient pathway, our advanced solutions for minimally invasive therapies allow care to be organized around the medical condition of patients in order to deliver therapy outcomes that matter to them.

Discover our new ablation confirmation software myAblation Guide1




1. Assessement

syngo DynaCT

Helps to  make procedures safer and technically easier.* 

* Lucatelli P et al., Impact of 3D Rotational Angiography on Liver Embolization Procedures. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2015 Jun;38(3):523-35

Clinical image: syngo DynaCT planning

2. Planning

syngo Embolization Guidance

Facilitates finding optimal treating position

Clinical image: embolization guidance

3. Guidance

syngo 3D Roadmap

Guides device navigation precisely

Clinical image: embolization confirmation

4. Confirmation

syngo DynaPBV Body

Observe tumor perfusion changes during your therapy



myNeedle Companion harmonizes planning and guidance for percutaneous needle procedures across modalities, with a unified workflow and user interface for angiography and CT systems. With the support of myNeedle Companion, you can perform both routine and advanced procedures.


1. Imaging

syngo DynaCT

The workflow begins with syngo DynaCT, which enables you to visualize lesions and the surrounding anatomy.

Clinical image: ARTIS icono angio suite

2. Planning

myNeedle Guide

With myNeedle Guide, you can plan one or more needle pathways and pinpoint target zones in different cross-sections. You can also fuse data sets from multiple modalities. 

myNeedle Companion angiography guidance

3. Guidance

myNeedle Laser

Use myNeedle Laser and progression views to insert needles at the planned location and angle. The system automatically aligns the laser cross with the planned path.

Clinical image: ARTIS icono angio suite

4. Confirmation

syngo Dyna3D

Confirm probe placement and the ablated area with syngo Dyna3D.

Best supportive care


Combined cryoablation, screw fixation and osteoplasty procedure 


1. Assessement

Diagnostic CT

Axial view reveals left acetabular metastasis from renal cell carcinoma (lytic metastatic disease) as source of persistent left hip pain.

Clinical image: Best supportive Care - Planning

2. Planning and Guidance: Ablation

syngo Toolbox, myNeedle Guide and syngo 3D Roadmap

Contrast-enhanced CT for 
- path planning of cryoprobes, screws and hydro-dissection needles using myNeedle Guide
- marking of structures at risk (sciatic nerve) and A0 ablation margins using syngo Toolbox

Overlay 3D planning objects during fluoro-guided cryoprobe and screw placement using syngo 3D Roadmap

Clinical image: Best supportive care guidance

3. Planning and Guidance: Osteoplasty

syngo 3D Segmentation and syngo 3D Roadmap

Contrast-enhanced CT to outline target area for osteoplasty using syngo 3D Segmentation. 

Overlay 3D planning objects during fluoro-guided osteoplasty using syngo 3D Roadmap.

Clinical image: Best supportive care verification

4. Confirmation


Final confirmation of result of augmented screw fixation for bone stabilization

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