syngo.via for CT Get the full picture.

The syngo.via1 3D routine and advanced reading solution helps accelerate workflows across all modalities.
It is efficient: by helping save valuable time.
It is flexible: modular licensing models are available, and users can customize applications and layouts.
And above all, it’s intelligent: it delivers powerful quantitative reading, and guides users through the entire workflow.
With syngo.via, you don’t just read images – you get the full picture.

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The syngo.via1 3D routine and advanced reading solution is efficient, flexible, and intelligent. The software helps speed up workflows and is suitable for both routine and more challenging cases.

syngo.via efficient

syngo.via drives efficiency

It helps accelerate radiological workflows and saves valuable time. You can access and read cases quickly and easily with features like automated updates and pre-collection of previous examinations.

syngo.via flexible

syngo.via is flexible

You can customize its applications and layouts in line with your needs – plus you can access images on mobile2 devices. Thanks to the modular licensing model, there’s a syngo.via product to suit every medical facility, from specialized practices to major research hospitals.

syngo.via intelligent

syngo.via is intelligent

The software guides you through the entire workflow – it automatically pre-processes findings and delivers powerful quantitative reading functionality.