Innovation is the driving force of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics eCommerce. Our overall aim is not only to set a benchmark in the field of laboratory diagnostics, but also to optimize supply chain management. Using our eCommerce solutions will allow you to revolutionize your whole purchase to pay process.


Optimize your ordering process through partnership with us


Achieve cost and time savings no matter which department you work in


Learn about the solutions we offer to help you get started with eCommerce.


The foundation of good eCommerce is to have an accurate and up to date electronic catalog in your Materials Management System.

It ensures that the product you choose to order in your system will be the product that is delivered to your laboratory.

The accuracy lies in matching the product codes held in your system with the product codes in our system.

When we start our eCommerce partnership, our local team will work with you to produce an up to date and accurate electronic catalog ensuring clean accurate orders from day one.

We are working on solutions to ensure your catalog and our catalog are kept synchronized ensuring continuing ordering accuracy.

Getting Connected

In order to have robust eCommerce, we need to ensure that our systems are communicating effectively. No matter if you join to us via a marketplace such as GHX or have a single connection to our systems, our team of experts will work with your expert team to ensure a secure and stable connection exists.

For the marketplace connections, our partner such as GHX will work with your team to enable a secure stable connection to the GHX platform. We as well as many other Healthcare Suppliers are already connected with GHX so once your connection is achieved all that is left is to test the connection by placing test orders. Once that is successfully verified, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of eCommerce!

For more information on a marketplace connection
Marketplace Connections

For a single connection, the process is essentially similar. Our EDI partner will work with your team to establish a connection between our systems, the test orders are placed and verified and then you also will be able to enjoy the benefits of eCommerce!

For more information on single connection solutions
Other Connections

You probably won‘t notice any difference to your ordering if you already order via a material management system (MMS).

If you used to print orders from the MMS and manually fax them, then you‘ll be saving money immediately! No time wasted standing by the fax checking to see if it had gone through and reduced costs from faxing and paper as the orders will now be diverted through the eCommerce connection.
Marketplace Connections

If you don‘t have an MMS, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics can still help you to experience eCommerce by using our Web Shop*. The Web Shop is connected to our system so any order you enter there, is automatically entered in our system and your shipment will be prepared.
Web Shop Connection

*Not available for sale in all countries

One benefit of making orders electronically is that you are able to receive electronic documents in return. Immediate order confirmation, advanced shipping notices, electronic delivery notes and invoices all help to optimize your supply chain by automating processes that are normally handled manually and due to the laborious nature, might lead to errors.


Immediate Order confirmation verifies both the accuracy and receipt of your order. If there are any errors, they can be handled immediately reducing time, money and the inconvenience of running out of supplies.


Advanced Shipping Notices give you precise information about your delivery and the configuration of the goods meaning that you can immediately locate a product directly on receipt of your order.


Electronic Invoices enable you to automatically compare the ordered items to the delivered items and the billed items enabling you to resolve any discrepancies immediately.


No matter which department you work in, be it Purchasing, Finance, or the Laboratory, you will be able to benefit from eCommerce with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics:


Available 24/7

  • You can place an order twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Orders are sent directly to our systems, processed immediately and your goods will be shipped as requested.


Efficient use of your time

  • Ordering via Electronic Marketplaces such as GHX, means you only have to enter your order once in your Purchasing system.



  • Instant order confirmation lets you know immediately that your order has been received.


Increased order accuracy

  • By having an accurate electronic catalog and a connection to our system, there are far fewer ordering discrepancies so you receive your orders more quickly.


Easy order – invoice reconciliation

  • Electronic invoices sent via integrated solutions such as GHX or direct EDI mean that you can reconcile data in an electronic way.


Always know where your products are

  • Advanced shipping notices tell you when your shipment will be delivered and where each particular product will be in that shipment, saving you time if you need to get a result out quickly.



A connection to an electronic marketplace will allow you to optimize your supply chain with all your suppliers who also have a connection to that marketplace without having additional strain on your IT resources. Typically, an electronic marketplace will manage connections to many major suppliers. Available transactions usually range from master data exchange for ordering, to delivery notes and invoices; all processes are supported electronically. In 2001 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics partnered with GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange) to optimize existing business processes and make them more efficient, reliable and safe. As a neutral Marketplace, GHX offers you practical solutions and services to streamline your ordering, goods receiving and reconciliation processes. GHX Business Intelligence Solutions help you to gain more transparency and drive strategic decisions allowing you to save money, and time.


Your benefits at a glance:


Efficient ordering processes and easy invoice reconciliation
The Siemens-GHX partnership supports electronic interchange of orders, delivery notes, invoices and more. Electronic orders replace conventional paper orders to help optimize the ordering process.


Improvement of data quality by offering online catalogs
Up to date databases as well as data synchronization and access to our online catalogs reduce errors and costs including time-consuming errors in the orders and deliveries.


Simplification of your business processes for your product choice and availability
Immediate electronic acknowledgement of product availability leads to increased planning reliability.


Seamless integration and more transparency
Ordering is simple and seamlessly integrated to the sales system of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.


Note: Marketplace solutions are not available in all countries Contact us for more details

The Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Web Shop is our dedicated online ordering system for customers who can not, or do not want to connect directly or via a marketplace to our systems. After the required registration you can order our product portfolio online quickly and easily. During the online process you get real time product availability and pricing. You can also check the status of your pending orders and drill into your order history regardless of whether these orders were placed on-line or via phone or fax.

If you are already registered, you can directly access your local Web Shop.

If you would like to be contacted by our eCommerce specialists please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements.
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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Online ordering available 24/7
  • Instant order confirmation
  • Simplification of the input due to our order templates
  • Real time product availability and price

Note: The Web Shop is not available in all countries

Contact Us for more details

Besides the real time capabilities of our Web Shop and the connectivity to many other suppliers via an electronic marketplace, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics also offers you customized solutions.

If you would like to be contacted by our eCommerce specialists please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements.
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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Customized solutions for your information system using standard EDI transactions
  • 24/7 service
  • Quick and reliable information exchange

Note: Other Connections are not available in all countries Contact Us for more details