Look closer. Breast imaging with ultrasound and mammography.Learn about our solutions for breast imaging.

Both ultrasound and mammography provide advantages for breast imaging. Combine them and you can reveal even more. See what you can achieve with a single expert partner: Our solutions offer high-quality imaging. They smoothly integrate in your clinical workflows. And they let you access our global service network. So take a closer look!

See clearly. Improve results and patient outcomes. Obtain comprehensive clinical information in 2D and 3D. And make more confident decisions, even with dense breast tissue.

Simplify operations. Make the most of your team’s resources. Benefit from a consistent user interface, an ergonomic design, and integrated reading solutions throughout breast imaging. For greater efficiency every day.

Synergize business. Broaden your revenue base and take advantage of a powerful partnership. Offer reliable, consistent, and comprehensive breast imaging services. And substantially increase your competitive edge.

Look closer with a single expert partner in breast imaging. Look closer with Siemens.

See clearly.

Early breast cancer detection
Early detection of breast cancer improves the chance for a successful patient outcome. Breast ultrasound and mammography are the two most commonly used imaging modalities for early breast cancer detection. Each has its unique advantages ‒ and combining them can reveal even more clinical details.

See clearly in breast imaging ‒ for more confident decisions, even with dense breast tissue.
Dense breast tissue is a challenge in breast imaging.

About 50 percent1 of all women have dense breast tissue. This poses a challenge in breast imaging because overlying tissue can prevent lesions from being seen. The combination of mammography and ultrasound can overcome this problem. It provides comprehensive clinical information for more confident decisions – even with dense breast tissue.

Excellent contrast and detail resolution in ultrasound breast imaging ‒ with the 18L6 high-frequency transducer.

Ultrasound allows the efficient and consistent identification of lesions or other areas of concern in fatty and dense breast tissue. Ultrasound elastography lets you confidently differentiate between healthy dense tissue, tumors, and other conditions. The high-frequency, high-density transducer technology provides exquisite 2D images, which is especially important for biopsy guidance.

3D Total Breast Ultrasound comprises many advanced technologies. The ACUSON S2000™ Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS) system is a multi-use ultrasound solution that automatically and comfortably acquires full-field volumes of the breast anatomy. Automated image acquisition produces images that are standardized and reproducible, which improves consistency and the quality of care and the anatomical coronal plane offers a unique view of breast architecture.

3D Breast Tomosynthesis clearly separates overlying tissue, increasing certainty in breast cancer detection.

True 3D Breast Tomosynthesis2 is a diagnostic tool that delivers an increase3 of up to 43 percent4 in the detection of breast cancer. A total of 25 projections, acquired at an overall angle of 50°, provide greater image detail ‒ and results in superior separation of overlying tissue. As some lesions are better seen with ultrasound, and some with mammography, combining these two breast imaging techniques can reveal more clinically relevant diagnostic information.

PRIME Technology enables gridless low-dose breast imaging without compromising image quality.
Without grid 0.55 mGy

Especially for healthy women, the right dose and image quality are critical. Mammomat Inspiration PRIME Edition5 combines both: PRIME Technology6 (Progressive Reconstruction Intelligently Minimizing Exposure) is
the world’s first software-based anti-scatter solution for mammography. The gridless acquisition allows for up to 30 percent7 lower dose without compromising image quality.

More specific information is essential for making confident clinical decisions. Siemens offers a wide range of solutions to give you this confidence:

Superior lesion separation in breast imaging with True 3D Breast Tomosynthesis.
Ultrasound elastography imaging supplies another dimension of information in breast imaging: mechanical stiffness.
  • Elastography ‒ provides tissue stiffness information with industry-leading technologies eSieTouch™ elasticity imaging (compression elastography) and Virtual Touch™ applications (Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging) to support confident clinical decision-making
3D anatomical coronal view with breast ultrasound.
  • 3D anatomical coronal view ‒ allows a slice-by-slice evaluation of the breast tissue, from the skin line to the chest wall, a perspective unavailable with conventional 2D ultrasound
3D Volume Coronal MultiSlice imaging with breast ultrasound.
Perform biopsies faster without compromising diagnostic confidence, with Mammomat Inspiration or Mammomat Inspiration PRIME Edition.

Siemens is your one-stop shop for breast imaging modalities. In the field of breast ultrasound and mammography, Siemens provides the widest and most complete product range on the market. In addition, the comprehensive offering in magnetic resonance, molecular imaging, and laboratory diagnostics completes the breast care portfolio.

Simplify operations.

Make the most of your team’s resources

Just as excellent image quality is crucial in breast care, so is an efficient workflow. That’s why Siemens ultrasound and mammography systems and reading workstations have the syngo® user interface. So if you know how to use one, you can operate them all. This translates into time savings, less training effort, and greater efficiency every day. In addition, Siemens systems use common industry standards to exchange information and images. This enables a smooth integration into new or existing infrastructures and networks. And supports seamless workflows for comprehensive breast care.

Simplify operations
With Mammomat Inspiration, time-consuming tasks in breast care imaging are quick and simple ‒ leaving you more time to focus on your patients.

Our systems share a focus on ergonomic design ‒ allowing you to work faster, safer, and more easily. Ergonomic features include:

  • Single Touch Positioning in mammography
  • Transducer design and one-click locking mechanism on the ACUSON S2000 ABVS ultrasound system
Simplifying breast imaging: one user interface, one reading workstation, one expert partner.

Having comprehensive information quickly at your fingertips is essential for reliable clinical decisions and successful patient outcomes. Siemens reading solutions for breast imaging ‒ syngo.Breast Care1 and syngo.Ultrasound Breast Analysis ‒ can be set up on the same workstation. This means that you save time, money, and space because you only need one reading workstation.

Synergize business.

A single expert partner for women’s health
With a single expert partner for all your equipment, service, and financing needs, you are well positioned to broaden your revenue base and increase your competitive edge. When you have just one contact, it reduces the time and energy you need to spend on communication and coordination. In fact, it allows you to achieve even more with your equipment ‒ and to offer patients reliable, consistent, and comprehensive breast imaging services.

Synergize your business in breast imaging ‒ with a single expert partner for women’s health.
Take advantage of a powerful partnership to offer reliable, consistent, and comprehensive breast imaging services.

Modalities that share a consistent user interface and can be easily interconnected improve the consistency and efficiency of breast imaging services in women’s health. Automated processes and standardization provide reproducible exams that are a sound basis for accurate follow-ups. In turn, this can lead to higher patient satisfaction, patient retention, and patient referral.1

Whether for your equipment, service or financing needs: Siemens is your single expert partner in breast imaging.

As an international provider backed by regional support around the globe, Siemens is on site wherever you are. Our extensive, tight-knit service network enables exceptionally fast supply and support, 24/7. So you can concentrate on what really matters – your patients.

Get proof.

Get proof for breast ultrasound and mammography

Find whitepapers and case studies on the clinical use of breast ultrasound and mammography.


3D Breast Tomosynthesis – intelligent technology for clear clinical benefits

Dr. Thomas Mertelmeier, Jutta Speitel, and Dr. Claudia Frumento provide a technical assessment of the physical parameters that have a major impact on the image quality of tomosynthesis.


Digital Breast Tomosynthesis – A clinical assessment based on literature

Dr. Finn Lindhardt, Viborg, Denmark, offers a clinical assessment of tomosynthesis based on the literature.


Publication of “Full-field digital mammography with gridless acquisition and software-based scatter correction: Investigation of dose savings and image quality”1

Andreas Fieselmann, Daniel Fische, Ghani Hilal, Frank Dennerlein, Thomas Mertelmeier, and Detlev Uhlenbrock investigated dose saving and image quality of gridless acquisition in combination with software-based scatter correction. The results show that similar image quality (contrast-to-noise ratio and contrast-detail visibility) can be obtained with this alternative acquisition and post-processing scheme at reduced dose.


Mean glandular dose survey of 2D mammograms acquired with the Siemens Mammomat Inspiration system
Hilde Bosmans, Koen Michielsen, Kim Lemmens, and Jurgen Jacobs show that mean glandular doses with Mammomat Inspiration are among the lowest in DR mammography and are significantly lower than film-screen data.


Automated Breast Volume Scanning: Visualization of Mammographically Occult Breast Cancer – Two Cases
Bruce A. Porter, MD, and Heike Seck illustrate the role that the ACUSON S2000 Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS) could play as an adjunct to mammography for early diagnosis, detection, and evaluation of breast cancer.

Automated Breast Volume Scanning: 3D Ultrasound of the Breast

Automated Breast Volume Scanning: 3D Ultrasound of the Breast
Roel Mus, MD, and Matthieu Rutten, MD, PhD show that reducing subjectivity and operator-dependent bias from ultrasound, Automated Breast Volume Scanning (ABVS), and 3D ultrasound opens the door to new applications in mammary diagnostics and beyond.


The Role of 3D Total Breast Ultrasound in Breast Imaging
Coventry Louisy, MD, shows that Automated Breast Volume Scanning (ABVS) has the potential to assist physicians in the detection of occult abnormalities in dense breast tissue.