Trumpf TruSystem 7500 for Artis systemsIntegrated table for multidisciplinary hybrid ORs

The integrated TruSystem 7500 is equipped with a radiolucent one-piece carbon tabletop. It allows for fast rotations and 3D imaging with the C-arm. The exchangeable carbon-based segmented tabletop offers sophisticated patient positions, like beach chair position or Fowler's position, and extreme adjustment angles. Artis zeego adapts to the angulation of the breakable tabletop and allows 3D imaging even in such positions. Therefore, it is optimally suited for multidisciplinary use with a high ratio of open surgical procedures or procedures that require such sophisticated patient positioning, as in neurosurgery, urology, trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, and thoracic surgery.

Surgery Tables

The Trumpf TruSystem 7500 for Artis zee is available with the Artis zeego and with the Artis zee ceiling-mounted systems. Integration means that the C-arm and table "communicate" and move "in sync".

Flexibly robust

The segmented tabletop supports a maximum weight capacity of 360 kg (793 lbs) and the one-piece carbon-fibre tabletop supports a maximum weight of 180 kgs (396 lbs).

Groundbreaking design
Highly flexible, fully motorized tabletop segments enable easy patient movement into the desired position. Exchangeable tabletops allow for convenient and comfortable patient transfers with the help of a patient shuttle system.

Intuitive operating concept

The TruSystem 7500 table features an intuitive remote control for selected functions of the table column and tabletop. The one-piece carbon-fiber tabletop is fully integrated into the Artis zee system operation concept and can be moved via the standard Artis zee table control module.



Features & Benefits

Trumpf TruSystem Feature1
  • Ideally suited for a variety of surgical disciplines, including neurosurgery, urology, trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, and thoracic surgery 
  • Integrated with Artis ceiling and Artis zeego systems 
  • Both tabletops can be operated with Artis tableside control functions 
  • Optimized image quality through isocenter positioning 
  • Foldable tabletop with highly flexible, partially motorized table segments 
  • Maximal table overhang of 140 cm for the one-piece tabletop and 130 cm for the segmented carbon-based tabletop 
  • Maximum weight capacity: 360 kg (794 lbs) for foldable tabletop, 180 kg (397 lbs) for the segmented and the one-piece tabletop 
  • Exchangeable tabletop system and patient shuttle


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