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Achieve operational excellence. 
Outperform in patient and staff satisfaction.


Showcasing the potential benefits of RealTime Location Solutions and Systems

With RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS), we enable you to achieve operational excellence with streamlined operations and an attractive workplace. 

RTLS provide the real-time data basis for optimizing processes by automatically identifying and tracking the location of assets, patients or staff and thus improving clinical and operational outcomes.

Use cases

Streamline processes, reduce staff workload, and improve patient care

Discover how RTLS services can specifically assist your healthcare enterprise in accomplishing your objectives. 
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Patient and family notification

Find assets

Bed management

Process optimization

Staff efficiency and safety

Asset security

Hospital navigation

Infection prevention

  1. Wartezeiten mit Hilfe von RTLS kommunizieren und besser nutzen

    With RTLS, waiting times can be predicted so that patients can use the time - e.g. for a walk or a meal break. And when it's time for the next step in the treatment process, patients can be automatically informed via the RTLS badge. 

    What's more, always being informed about the status of treatment means greater transparency and security for patients and their families.

Do you want to benefit from the most value-creating use cases for your healthcare enterprise? 

Clinical department specific solutions

Find out how RTLS enables you to achieve enterprise-wide operational excellence along the entire patient pathway

Entrance to Emergency department

Emergency Department

In the Emergency Department RTLS can increase efficiency in many ways such as directing patients to the examination room automatically.
Find out how different stakeholders benefit from RTLS in the Emergency Department.

Sign for Radiology department


In Radiology RTLS helps to reduce wait time and inform patients about their individual wait time. This gives them the opportunity to wait somewhere else e.g., outside.
Find information on other RTLS benefits in the Radiology by clicking here

Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

In Interventional Radiology RTLS provide real-time information on status 
and location of patients, allergies or intolerances which increases efficiency and quality of care.
Learn more about various RTLS benefits Interventional Radiology.

10 Years of Hybrid Operating Rooms in Germany: Lessons Learned

Operation Rooms

In Operation Rooms throughput can be increased with automatic tracking of KPIs and identification of causes for process inefficiencies and bottlenecks. 
Click here to discover additional advantages of RTLS in Operation Rooms. 

White paper

Key Visual RTLS James

RTLS offer the ability to identify and improve operational efficiency and quality of care. In this white paper, we outline the extensive uses of RTLS and how they help improve patient experience, staff satisfaction, and process efficiency.

Customer insights

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Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
Winston-Salem, USA
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
Charleston, USA

University Hospital Erlangen, Institute of Radiology

Erlangen, Germany

Ammerland Hospital
Westerstede, Germany

    Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist located in the U.S. had the main challenge to optimize logistics, equipment, and patient flow. This made them look for an innovative way to improve clinical operations which they found in RealTime Location Solutions. Watch the video to find out how RTLS helped them unlock additional value. 

    Take the next step to operation excellence, today!