Innovation is the driving force of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics eCommerce. Our overall aim is not only to set a benchmark in the field of laboratory diagnostics, but also to optimize supply chain management. Using our eCommerce solutions will allow you to revolutionize your whole purchase to pay process.


Optimize your ordering process through partnership with us


Achieve cost and time savings no matter which department you work in


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A connection to an electronic marketplace will allow you to optimize your supply chain with all your suppliers who also have a connection to that marketplace without having additional strain on your IT resources. Typically, an electronic marketplace will manage connections to many major suppliers. Available transactions usually range from master data exchange for ordering, to delivery notes and invoices; all processes are supported electronically. In 2001 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics partnered with GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange) to optimize existing business processes and make them more efficient, reliable and safe. As a neutral Marketplace, GHX offers you practical solutions and services to streamline your ordering, goods receiving and reconciliation processes. GHX Business Intelligence Solutions help you to gain more transparency and drive strategic decisions allowing you to save money, and time.

Your benefits at a glance:

Efficient ordering processes and easy invoice reconciliation
The Siemens-GHX partnership supports electronic interchange of orders, delivery notes, invoices and more. Electronic orders replace conventional paper orders to help optimize the ordering process.

Improvement of data quality by offering online catalogs
Up to date databases as well as data synchronization and access to our online catalogs reduce errors and costs including time-consuming errors in the orders and deliveries.

Simplification of your business processes for your product choice and availability
Immediate electronic acknowledgement of product availability leads to increased planning reliability.

Seamless integration and more transparency
Ordering is simple and seamlessly integrated to the sales system of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. 


Note: Marketplace solutions are not available in all countries Contact us for more details 

The Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Web Shop is our dedicated online ordering system for customers who can not, or do not want to connect directly or via a marketplace to our systems. After the required registration you can order our product portfolio online quickly and easily. During the online process you get real time product availability and pricing. You can also check the status of your pending orders and drill into your order history regardless of whether these orders were placed on-line or via phone or fax.

If you would like to be contacted by our eCommerce specialists please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Online ordering available 24/7
  • Instant order confirmation
  • Simplification of the input due to our order templates
  • Real time product availability and price

Note: The Web Shop is not available in all countries

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Besides the real time capabilities of our Web Shop and the connectivity to many other suppliers via an electronic marketplace, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics also offers you customized solutions.

If you would like to be contacted by our eCommerce specialists please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Customized solutions for your information system using standard EDI transactions
  • 24/7 service
  • Quick and reliable information exchange

Note: Other Connections are not available in all countries