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Remote AssistImmediate assistance in daily operations

Unforeseen interruptions to workflows due to issues with your equipment’s clinical applications put the patient schedule at risk and prevent you from providing fast and accurate diagnoses. They also stop you running your daily operations efficiently and using your clinical applications to their full potential – which ultimately compromises your bottom line.

Remote Assist is a technology-supported, real-time interaction that takes place between your clinical staff and the clinical application experts at Siemens Healthineers whenever you need support in your daily operations. The aim is to bring you rapidly back on track and keep your facility running smoothly so you can perform your exams efficiently and at a consistently high level of quality.

Features & Benefits

When using Remote Assist, your scanner or system is connected via an encrypted broadband link – the Smart Remote Services (SRS) infrastructure – which provides secure data transfer. With your permission, the application experts at Siemens Healthineers can log on to your system and provide information and support for specific questions about clinical applications or existing configurations and protocols in real time. They can therefore actively show you how to proceed, instead of explaining it on the phone or via e-mail. You also benefit from video, chat, and whiteboard functions that further optimize the interaction.

Remote Assist allows you to

  • Boost your clinical outcomes: utilize clinical applications to their full potential to provide diagnostic accuracy and produce quality results
  • Optimize your exam schedule: speed up your clinical workflows and enhance your operational performance
  • Maximize your throughput: optimize your financial performance with increased workforce productivity

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