Discover the future of imaging in RTEmpower your decisions – Look closer. See further.

Specifically designed to maximize RT imaging intelligence and expand your clinical capabilities, syngo.via RT Image Suite allows you to look closer at what you need to see today – so that you can see further into the future of individualized therapy.
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syngo.via RT Image Suite’s Rigid Registration and optional Deformable Registration allows you to integrate diverse image types easily and accurately, enabling confident contouring with multiple image series.

Get the full picture of your patient with syngo.via RT Image Suite. Leverage advanced imaging throughout the treatment process to optimize care for individual patients.

syngo.via RT Image Suite allows the simultaneous display and contouring of all clinical images required for contouring moving targets as well as providing efficient 4D and 3D contouring tools. This allows you to dramatically reduce contouring time in 4D cases, while ensuring that all clinical evidence is considered in the process.