SOMATOM go.SimSimulation reinvented

SOMATOM go.Sim is a highly flexible, intuitive CT simulator. With fully integrated hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirements, it is designed to increase certainty and reduce the likelihood of errors. It also features advanced algorithms, AI-powered organ-at-risk (OAR) autocontouring, and excellent soft-tissue contrast potentially decreasing target margins. What’s more, it is designed to care for both patients and users – with a calming environment, a simple operating concept, and a single vendor service contract. 

SOMATOM go.Sim helps you get the full picture faster so you can spend less time managing CT simulation and more time focusing on patients.

Características y Beneficios

  1. Direct Laser​1

    Reduce complexity and errors in patient marking

  2. DirectORGANS1

    Optimize images for consistent AI-based organ-at-risk (OAR) contours

  3. 4D CT with FAST 4D

    Reduce motion artifacts with
    intelligent 4D CT imaging​

  4. DirectBrachy positioning board1,3

    Enable your CT simulator room
    for streamlined brachytherapy

  5. DirectDensity1,2

    Personalize kV settings and
    keep a standardized workflow ​

  6. TwinSpiral Dual Energy1

    Aim for precise target delineation
    with two separated energy spectra​

  7. RT Table and overlay

    Accommodate patients on our
    227kg or 307kg patient table1 and overlay with Varian and
    Elekta indexing

  8. Mobile Workflow​

    Stay close to your patients and
    focus on what matters

  9. iMAR1

    Reduce different types of metal artifacts

Uso Clínico

Reinventing CT simulation with SOMATOM go.Sim – a highly flexible, intuitive CT simulator that we designed in collaboration with over 300 RT specialists – radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, RTTs, and financial decision makers – to give us insights into your world. The result is a groundbreaking approach to CT simulation. It will give you everything you need to achieve the ultimate starting point for optimal RT planning.


Especificaciones Técnicas

Bore size

85 cm

Scan Field-of-View (sFoV)

60 cm

Acquired slices/reconstruction slices


Z-axis coverage

1.92 cm

Rotation time

0.351, 0.5, 1.0 s

max. table load

227/3071 kg (TG-66 compliant tables)

System footprint

4 m2/43 ft2 (surface area covered by gantry and moving table top)

Min. room requirement

17.3 m2/186.2 ft2