Radiomics imaging for genotype-phenotype correlationStefan Schönberg on Expanding precision medicine

Professor Stefan Schönberg, MD focuses on the potential of radiomics as a crucial enabler for precision medicine. He explains how integrating statistical imaging and genomic data can help transform care delivery through much more precise treatment, e.g. of patients with heterogeneous tumors.

“We are seeing a mathematical revolution in radiology” - Stefan Schönberg

  • The way information is delivered influences patient care. Currently, radiology only assesses patients at the anatomical level.
  • Radionomics correlates additional layers of functional and molecular information and combines this data to generate new knowledge. This helps physicians to better match the right treatment to the right patient.
  • Schönberg believes the radiologist of the future will have to blend knowledge of imaging with statistical parameters of a specific disease.
  • Crucial to this development is a large data base containing all the co-variants of a disease including the true clinical outcome.

Stefan Schönberg

Professor Stefan Oswald Schönberg, MD, is the Managing Director of the Institute for Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at University Hospital Mannheim, Germany.