Care Collaboration & Patient Engagement

Connecting care systems, care teams and patients

Challenges of disjoint information systems and care settings

There are substantial challenges to be overcome in the field of disjoint information systems and care settings, specifically when looking at how patients experience their own health data and reports. Additionally, healthcare providers increasingly deal with multimorbidity in patients and need to find approaches to better manage chronic diseases.

Patient center touchpoint
During a life-course, a person has contact with a variety of health service providers. These range from the birth in the hospital, necessary contacts in the case of acute illnesses or accidents, and contacts in the context of preventive checkups, etc., to contacts that increase with age, such as inpatient stays. Such a sequence of health-related points of contact is also referred to as the “lifelong health journey” or “patient journey”. Constantly increasing medical knowledge leads not only to better diagnostic and therapeutic options and to the prolongation of life, but also to ever greater specialization in medicine.

However, this also increases the need for collaboration and networking as the number of health-related touch points increases. A trend that is being further reinforced by globalization, mobility, and increasingly low-threshold access to medical services or also the latest developments around the “hospital at home”. 

With all those health-related touchpoints, extensive documentation is generated in the IT systems of healthcare facilities in addition to findings, images, and prescriptions: a multitude of data. This data stored in healthcare facilities could be of crucial – often even life-saving – importance for patients at their next visit, possibly to another facility. The availability of data can lead to significant savings in time and money for new examinations as well as to a massive improvement in response times. This is exactly where our solutions for patient engagement and care collaboration come into play.

We help you to empower close collaboration and communication across care teams as well as patients

connecting care teams and patients

With interoperability as the baseline and enabler of our solutions, we empower you to share patient data from multiple institutions, from in- and out-patient scenarios along the entire patient journey and can help you optimize the decision making. 

By creating a holistic view of the patient, we help healthcare professionals to improve cooperative care and patient outcomes. Our patient facing applications enable patient engagement, create a digital front door for healthcare providers and can contribute to a positive reputation among patients and referrers. 

Making relevant health information available exactly where and when it is needed is key for efficient care management. We offer specific networking services and applications to enable effective communication and collaboration – with more flexibility in terms of time and place.3 This is exceptionally important for cross-institutional treatment involving several stakeholders. 

  • Collaborate more efficiently 
  • Save resources 
  • Deliver high-quality patient care 
  • Establish a digital front door and drive access to care 
  • Enable patients to engage in their own health