Herramienta de Integración OPENLink de SiemensCost-effectively integrate systems and applications across the lab

Siemens OPENLink™ Integration Engine provides a cost-effective way to integrate systems and applications across the lab for faster delivery of vital patient information. The solution features powerful tools and interfaces to simplify integration, enabling organizations to save time and money, and deliver better health care. Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine:

  • Lowers the cost of managing and maintaining multiple systems and applications
  • Reduces the expense of integrating new technologies
  • Enables faster implementation of new applications and systems
  • Reduces IT staffing requirements by eliminating the need to hire personnel to manage individual systems

Características y Beneficios

Integrate disparate lab systems easily and cost-effectively.

Integrate disparate lab systems easily and cost-effectively.
Connectivity between networked lab systems reduces the time it takes to store and retrieve vital patient information, dramatically improving healthcare and boosting lab productivity. Siemens OPENLink™ Integration Engine allows organizations to integrate all applications and systems, regardless of type or vendor, enabling them to deliver that connectivity without the need for costly customization. With Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine, IT staff gain complete control over the implementation, modification, and troubleshooting of interfaces between systems. 

  • No programming experience is required for building interfaces with Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine.
  • All traditionally difficult programming tasks like network protocol conversion, message formatting, data translation, and transaction routing can be easily achieved with simple-to-use graphical user interfaces (GUIs).
  • Users with programming expertise can extend Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine capabilities using Microsoft® Visual C++®, COM objects, ODBC Adaptors, SQL queries, Java Wrappers, and other modules.


Ensure all your applications work together

Ensure all your applications work together
Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine includes a range of capabilities to guarantee application and system integration now and in the future, including:

  • Support for numerous protocols and connections, including Web services, EDI, SOAP, X12, XML, DICOM, HTTP/HTTPS, and TCP/IP, ensuring integration of current applications and technologies
  • Support for new IT requirements and technologies
  • Built-in model definitions and support for a variety of Siemens and third-party products, ensuring rapid and smooth integration

Testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting
Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine makes testing, monitoring, and diagnosing straightforward and simple. Using Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine GUIs, IT staff can easily test interface definitions, diagnose interface issues, identify problems before they escalate, obtain details about the system, and archive Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine transactions. Many GUI features can be customized according to individual use requirements.
Comprehensive reporting and easy administration
Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine’s comprehensive reporting system documents all definitions, enhancing integration and troubleshooting. Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine includes a built-in set of reports, enabling staff members to produce a record of definitions and relationships that exist between interfaces. Custom reports can easily be created by querying the underlying, industry-standard database.

A graphical interface allows administrators to control who can use Siemens OPENLink Integration Engine . Administrators can create and manage user accounts, groups, and user rights, and restrict access to specific users or groups