Mesa de Sala ArtisMesa integrada para cirugía vascular y cardiaca.

Designed for easy patient access, superb positioning and total body coverage, the integrated Artis OR table is a proven and reliable surgical table for a wide range of specialties. Featuring a radiolucent floating tabletop that allows for 3D imaging, it is particularly well suited for procedures in cardiac and vascular surgery.

Surgery Tables

Built for support
With a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg (441 lbs) or 160 kg (352 lbs) depending on the length of the tabletop, the Artis OR table offers excellent support for the vast majority of patients.

Convenient coverage
Equipped with a carbon-fiber floating tabletop, the Artis OR table enables total body coverage, without having to move the patient. Tabletops are exchangeable and available in three different variations.

Synchronized workflow
The table supports the system capabilities of InFocus and IsoTilt. As a result, the patient is always positioned at the isocenter of the system – a key factor for ensuring optimal image quality.