Artis Q.zenIntervención visionaria - ultrabaja dosis

Visionario flujo de trabajo. Precisión visionaria. Visionario en el control de dosis.


La línea de productos Artis Q.zen para intervencionismo cuenta con un desarrollo visionario en la detección de rayos X con sensibilidad única que permite imágenes con dosis extremadamente bajas. También lleva el funcionamiento del tubo de rayos X y la precisión al siguiente nivel.


Experimente el futuro de la imagen intervencionista.


  • Visionario flujo de trabajo
  • Precisión visionaria
  • Visionario en control de dosis
Artis Q.zen


Visionary in performance. Visionary in precision. Visionary in sensitivity.


The Artis Q.zen product line for interventional imaging is a visionary breakthrough in X-ray detection with unique sensitivity enabling ultra-low dose imaging. It also takes performance in X-ray generation and precision to the next level.

Experience the future of interventional imaging.

Artis Q.zen offers unparalleled performance with the new powerful GIGALIX X-ray tube for high contrast resolution at any angle and any patient size. The optimized X-ray pulse helps to reduce radiation by up to 60%

GIGALIX X-ray tube
  • Flat emitter technology for high contrast resolution even at steep angulations
  • Small square focal spots for excellent spatial resolution to see more details
  • CLEARpulse for sharp images and low dose


Precise guidance is needed to help improve clinical outcomes during interventions. Artis Q.zen offers applications for cardiology, interventional radiology and image-guided surgery.

Bifurcation CSL 3rd stent

CLEARstent Live allows a real-time verification of the stent positioning while moving the device, eliminating cardiac movement. 

  • Support of complex procedures
  • Real-time verification of stent positioning while moving the device
  • Potential to speed up procedures and to save contrast agent


CLEARstent Live supports your interventional procedures


IVUSmap brings detailed vessel, lumen, and wall structure to angiography and provides spatial localization for IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) images within the coronary tree. It combines the advantages of both modalities through co-registration.

  • Combined information of angiography and IVUS imaging
  • Bookmarks guide stent positioning and deployment
  • Automated workflow integrated into procedure


Evelyn Regar, M.D., from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands on IVUSmap

Learn more about how you can benefit from IVUSmap

Experience the IVUSmap workflow

syngo DynaPBV Body

syngo DynaPBV Body provides 3D functional imaging indicating the distribution of blood in tissue by means of color-coded cross-sectional blood volume maps and qualitative blood volume measurements.

  • Provides physiological information about lesions directly in the angio-suite
  • Supports endpoint determination during embolization
  • Potential to identify non-responders directly after interventional therapy


Artis Q.zen inaugurates a groundbreaking new detector technology based on crystalline silicon that reduces electronic noise and allows imaging at ultra-low-dose levels.

Crystalline Silicon Detector
  • Active matrix with on-pixel amplification increases the signal-to- electronic- noise ratio and enables ultra-low-dose imaging
  • Ultra-low-dose imaging reduces radiation for both patients and staff, especially in long-lasting procedures with fluoroscopy guidance
  • More coverage compared to small cardiology detectors