Driven by MoreMore: Our philosophy. Lifelong knowledge and performance improvement. Through continuing education.

Driven By More

More: Three individual learning programs dedicated to your specific needs. We support you with a range of training, education, and consulting services for every medical field and experience level. To build and advance your knowledge and performance continuously. Our Siemens certified Healthcare professionals are with you right from the start so you can be confident in your daily routine. They support you in moving up to the next level of knowledge, offering you more expertise and higher performance.

  • More: Routine Confidence.
  • More: Clinical Expertise.
  • More: Superior Performance.
  • More: Personalized.

Features & Benefits

Driven By More Diagram

Lifelong learning – For best-in-class medical care.
Working closely with you, we develop your personalized education and consulting strategy and support you and your staff with our comprehensive User Services to help gain:

  • More: Routine Confidence.
  • More: Clinical Expertise.
  • More: Superior Performance.
  • In a More: personalized way

Because we are closer. Closer to technology. And closer to you.

User Services. Driven by More.

Routine Confidence

Driven By More Routine Confidence

Expand your knowledge base, stay ahead, and improve performance across your team – with intensive, fast-track training and ongoing follow-up education.
For more confidence in using your equipment. And more satisfaction – for you, your patients, and referring physicians.

  • Pre-installation training – for intensive preparation up front
  • Personalized installation training – for immediate confidence
  • Follow-up training – for greater efficiency reduced wait times
  • Refresher training – for better performance with reduced scope for errors
  • New-hire training – to ensure new staff are immediately up to speed
  • New option/version training – to master the latest developments

Clinical Expertise

Driven By More Clinical Expertise

Excel and progress and in your clinical fields. Further leverage your investment in innovation – with specialized continuing education. Learn closely from Siemens certified Healthcare professionals through a wide variety of training options for each medical field.
For enhanced expertise. And a better return on your system.

Startup training – capture additional streams of revenue
Expert training – perform more complex procedures
Training in multiple clinical fields – maximize the return on your system

Superior Performance

Driven By More Superior Performance

Optimize your resources and costs and increase efficiency and productivity with customized consulting services drawing on Siemens global expertise – tailored to meet the specific clinical needs of you and your staff.
For best-in-class medical care. And your competitive advantage.

Efficiency consulting – streamline your workflow
Image quality consulting – enable even better diagnostic decisions
Reduced exposure consulting – for higher patient and provider satisfaction