Mobilett Mira eco
Wireless mobile X-ray imaging – the answer to your everyday challenges

Mobilett Mira eco
mobilett mira clinical
Mobilett Mira, la risposta alle vostre sfide quotidiane

Sistema radiografico wireless che combina mobilità digitale con tecnologia wireless, per portare la radiografia mobile ad un livello superiore.

mobilett mira giraffe
Mobilett Mira – Giraffe design

The friendly, colorful, and widely beloved giraffe design creates a relaxed atmosphere.

mobilett mira
Mobilett Mira – Rotating swivel arm

Thanks to its industry-leading arm range and its counterbalanced design, the rotating swivel arm lets you examine every region of interest in every position and from almost every angle.

Mobilett Mira – Customer Video

Learn more about the numerous outstanding features of Mobilett Mira.

Mobilett Mira – Testimonial Video

Dr. Avetano Muro de la Fuente
Chief Radiologist, HM Universitario Sanchinarro (HM Hospitales), Madrid

Siemens @ ECR 2011

Customer statement by E. Jacobson / C. Appelkvist, Radiographers, Sweden

Mobilett Mira
Discover Mobilett Mira

Experience the innovations of Mobilett Mira – and the flexibility you’ve always wanted for a mobile X-ray system.

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The wired detector might not be approved in some countries or, for other reasons, not yet commercially available.