Siemens Healthineers body scan from PET/CT using FAST PET Workflow AI.

myExam Companion

Intelligent SPECT/CT imaging

Intelligent SPECT/CT imaging with myExam Companion unlocks your full potential with fully integrated SPECT and CT capabilities. From start to finish, the smart workflow makes it easier to generate high-quality, reproducible results.

More consistency

No matter the user, patient, or procedure.

More flexibility

To accommodate scheduling changes.

More productivity

Across your entire imaging team.

More opportunity

To optimize imaging results.

Features & Benefits

Clinical Use

Scan procedures can be daunting, especially for new technicians. Symbia Pro.specta with myExam Companion integrates SPECT and CT technologies and tools into a streamlined workflow, so you can focus on value-added tasks.


An integral part of myExam Companion, myExam Prep streamlines system preparation and patient positioning—setting the stage for optimized imaging.

Data quality check and reconstruction

Symbia Pro.specta with myExam Companion supports you with tools that help save time and ensure accuracy during data-quality-check tasks and automatic image reconstruction.

Evaluation and post-processing

Symbia Pro.specta with myExam Companion reaches beyond the scan with solutions that give you the flexibility to address and standardize image evaluation and post-processing.