FAST CARE Technology

Leading you to better results


FAST – our Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies – make time-consuming and complex procedures faster as well as far more intuitive. Your scans will also be more reproducible and less prone to errors.

FAST Planning: Organ-based scan/recon range setting with a single click

One of the main applications is FAST Planning, it assists you in preparing the scan.

  • Immediate, organ-based setting of scan and recon ranges with no manual adjustment
  • Better clinical results thanks to increased reproducibility
  • Safer, faster, and more standardized workflow at the scanner


The FAST Cardio Wizard supports you in preparing complex cardiac examinations on-screen.

FAST Cardio Wizard: Step-by-step cardiac scan guide. On-screen explanation based on the selected examination type

FAST Cardio Wizard: Step-by-step cardiac scan guide. On-screen explanation based on the selected examination type
  • Step-by-step guide to cardiac scanning for higher reliability and reproducibility in cardiac CT
  • Defined quality standards that deliver optimal cardiac image quality even for less experienced users
  • Avoids “paperwork” at the scanner

During scanning, FAST Scan Assistant helps you in finding the right parameter settings for scan time, pitch, and max mAS.

FAST Scan Assistant: Direct scan parameter adjustment at the push of a button
  • Easy scan parameter adjustment
  • Better image quality through optimized scan settings
  • Undo function to return to previous settings

With FAST Adjust, you have the option of adjusting scan parameters during scanning.

FAST Adjust
FAST Adjust: Direct scan parameter adjustment at the push of a button
  • Intuitive scan parameter adjustment at the push of a button
  • Optimized scan settings lead to improved image quality
  • Optimized utilization of scanner capacities

FAST Spine helps you prepare the most cumbersome reconstructions – anatomically aligned spine reconstructions.

FAST Spine: Spine recon preparation at a single-click. Selection of pre-detected, anatomically aligned spine recons.
  • Accurate reconstructions preparation with a single click
  • Direct detection and labeling
  • Saves up to 30 minutes of manual preparation for a complete spine reconstruction


CARE – our Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure – offer you excellent image quality at the right dose level. This makes CT scanning safer even for the most delicate patients, for example children.

CARE Dose Configurator for CARE Dose4D: Organ-sensitive real-time dose modulation. More precise configuration of dose modulation.

CARE Dose Configurator
When adjusting the parameters for a scan, the primary application CARE Dose Configurator allows you to better manage dosage with respect to the patient's anatomy.

  • More precise and simplified configuration of dose modulation parameters
  • Organ- and habitus-sensitive dose modulation delivers better image quality
  • Enhancement of CARE Dose4D with new reference curve


With CARE kV, you can reduce dosage and optimize the contrast-to-noise ratio.

CARE kV: Proven dose protection for a large patient population
  • The first automated, exam-specific voltage setting
  • Optimized kV settings reduce dose by up to 60%
  • Optimized CNR for higher image quality

CARE Child offers you the option to reduce dose, especially when scanning children.

CARE Child: Optimized parameter settings for pediatric scanning
  • Dedicated pediatric CT imaging with the industry’s first 70-kV scan mode and specific CARE Dose4D curves to significantly lower radiation
  • Optimized dose distribution with special modulation curves for children
  • Dedicated pediatric CT imaging package with specific pediatric protocols

CARE Profile allows you to intuitively visualize dosage so you can actively manage it during scan preparation.

CARE Profile: Visualization of dose distribution along the scan range. Display of the dose distribution next to the topogram.
  • Visualization of the dose distribution along the topogram prior to the scan
  • Optimized dose distribution delivers higher image quality
  • Active dose management with intuitive visualization

With CARE Dashboard, you can observe the potential and applied dose-reduction methods during scan preparation to actively analyze and manage the dose-reduction potential.

CARE Dashboard: Visualization of activated dose reduction features. Overview of utilized dose measures for protocol optimization and training
  • Visualization of activated dose reduction options for each scan range
  • Indicates additional options available for achieving the full dose-reduction potential
  • Active dose management with intuitive visualization