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Siemens Healthineers Surgery product portfolio

Surgery has always been about precision work and dedication to improving quality of life, but surgeons are also increasingly required to reconcile two expectations: ensuring patient safety and maximizing cost efficiency.

Intra-operative imaging is crucial for providing optimal minimally invasive procedures while keeping costs low at the same time. Our operating room equipment of intra-operative imaging solutions provides surgeons with access to a holistic imaging infrastructure. Equipped with the right combination of imaging equipment, institutions around the world can optimally meet their needs across a range of surgical disciplines.

Un'autonomia di movimento senza precedenti: scopri CIARTIC Move, la nuova generazione di archi a C in 3D mobili a guida autonoma. CIARTIC Move è in grado di rispondere alle sfide operative legate all’imaging intraoperatorio in situazioni di carenza di personale o sovraccarico di lavoro per le équipe chirurgiche.1

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