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Siemens Healthcare User Forum
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Subscribe to the topics of your interest to receive information that matters to you and your daily work. Or jump in and join discussion relevant to your clinical field of interest. The general idea of this forum is to provide you and your peers with a way to find, discuss and share information on the technical usage of equipment and the optimization of patient care.

Improve your skills in clinical fields

Listen and engage in different topics that are relevant to your particular field of medicine or research. Benefit from direct peer-to-peer answers to a multiple array of questions on the clinical usage of Siemens products or applications.

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Easily and directly connect with clinical experts who are sharing their insights and the results of their work with any interested parties. Global accessibility and communication in real-time is the key principle of connectedness within this forum. Go ahead and invite others to join as well!

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… as long as it’s relevant. A clear structure following proven forum principles allows you to easily share images, videos and documents – and quickly access them as well.

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Enjoy the benefits of having a direct contact at Siemens to answer any questions on your product, application or clinical field of interest. Continue the dialog from Siemens Healthcare clinical community expert summits here as well – with both peers and a Siemens representative.

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