Digitalization and Networked Healthcare


Speakers at the “Hauptstadtkongress” (Capital Congress) event held in Berlin were all united: they called on the medical profession, politicians, and industry to show more courage regarding innovation and change. The digitalization of healthcare through artificial intelligence and the expansion of precision medicine through hybrid ORs were among the main topics discussed.

Digitalization: More Courage to Innovate

At the “Hauptstadtkongress“ event for medicine and healthcare in Berlin, digitalization and artificial intelligence are the main topics of discussion. But Is Germany holding itself back?

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Medical Revolution?

Will self-learning algorithms take the place of doctors? Probably not, but a medical sector that does not leverage the strengths of artificial intelligence could soon be seen as irresponsible.

Digitalization: The Fear Has Subsided

Digitalizing medicine is the only way forward. But hospitals and doctors are realizing that change cannot take place without the support of the people involved.

Hybrid Operating Rooms Put the Focus on the Patient

Patient-centered care? This is not just a slogan when it comes to surgery in hybrid operating rooms. Good planning and active interdisciplinary cooperation ensure that modern operating