Key visual: improving operational excellence in healthcare

Achieving operational excellence 

Enable your care teams to focus on value creation by augmenting their capabilities and simplifying their work, sustainably.

Did you know?

Achieving operational excellence - 10 million additional health workers are needed to cover the health worker shortage globally
47% of US health workers plan to leave their positions bei 2025.

Demand for healthcare continues to climb while resources – including skilled healthcare workers – are in increasingly short supply. Achieving operational excellence in healthcare offers a solution. Achieving operational excellence requires taking advantage of technological innovations such as automation and artificial intelligence to reduce the workload of healthcare professionals and allow them to focus on what matters most, combined with ongoing efforts to grow their skills and capacities. It also demands the adoption of remote technologies to make expertise available more widely available and to provide care at greater scale. Promoting quality and performance improvement in healthcare and continuously applying clinical workflow optimization advances operational efficiency in healthcare.

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