Healthcare Solutions (HCS)

Nos consultants en organisation de laboratoire sont spécialisés dans les missions de réorganisation de structures de biologie : 

  • Une équipe de 6 consultants dédiés à l’optimisation des plateaux techniques de biologie, régionalisés pour une proximité des laboratoires et un suivi régulier.
  • Une expérience de 10 années de consulting en organisation, basé sur les concepts de qualité et de productivité.
  • Consultants certifiés Lean par l’université du Michigan, formés à la conduite au changement.
  • Doing more with less
  • Considering automation
  • Increasing productivity vs. diminishing labor pool
  • Improving service & quality
  • Rigorous capital budget processes
  • Increasing competition
Healthcare Disciplines
  • Lab
  • Emergency Department
  • Critical Care
  • Disease Management
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy

These complex issues, along with numerous others, have increased the need for outside services to help healthcare administrators make the right decisions.

Consulting Solutions

Siemens Healthcare Solutions was established on a simple premise:

Help our partners do more by utilizing proven and innovative solutions to overcome resource constraints

In today’s busy healthcare environment, every penny and every second count. Whether your goal is to improve operational efficiencies, speed delivery of care, address resource management or consider new business strategies, Siemens experts trained in LEAN and Six Sigma can help. By conducting a thorough analysis of your operations, we will provide you with best practice solutions to help you optimize your capabilities and processes and rapidly achieve measurable improvements.

Decisions in your laboratory, for example, have a greater impact throughout every discipline within the healthcare continuum, now more than ever before.

Partnering with us will help you create a roadmap to success. We will get you to where you need to be.

We are more than just workflow. Siemens Healthcare Solutions offers consulting services in the following areas:

A sound business strategy will lead to successful growth even in the face of adverse industry conditions. Siemens Healthcare Solutions assists you in defining your business goals, then helps you develop a customized action plan designed to enhance your performance in key business areas.

Siemens Healthcare Solutions and Siemens Education and Training experts present a blended approach to training that offers topic-specific on-site training, workshops, self-paced courses, live e- classes, off-line materials, and end-user classroom training.

Change is constant, especially in our highly innovative industry. As medical testing and technology evolve, so must you to lead the change, stay competitive, and improve patient outcomes. We draw from Siemens enterprise knowledge and experience to support you in planning your infrastructure, as well as your investments in medical technology and informatics.

By employing business capability assessment tools and the concepts of LEAN, Six Sigma, and Activity Based Costing, our team of experts provide the guidance needed to help optimize operations, improve quality, overcome resource constraints, and eliminate waste.

Let Siemens Consulting Solutions professionals help you optimize your business, justify your change, and assist you in making sound business decisions for your future.