4 Reasons to Upgrade Your DCA Software

4 Reasons Why You Need the DCA Vantage Analyzer with V3.0 Software<br />

Chosen by 3 out of 4 physicians who perform HbA1c testing in their office,1 the DCA Vantage Analyzer with version 4.x software offers additional important benefits:

1) Security and compliance – to minimize risk and maintain better control

  • Added security access modes with support for up to 1,000 operators

° Prevent unauthorized users from using the system

° Definable operator access levels

° Operator lock-out to protect patient information

° Audit trail ties patient results to specific operators

2) Even easier to use

  • Bar-code scanner captures operator access codes
  • Audible alerts confirm the accuracy of bar-code scans
  • Short report format makes printing faster

3) Flexible data management – comprehensive information provided for improved results interpretation

  • HbA1c reference ranges are display, printed, and transmitted with each patient record
  • Control ranges for HbA1c and microalbumin/creatinine tests automatically transmitted
  • Estimated Average Glucose (eAG) results are automatically transmitted*
  • Supports new Japanese Diabetes Society (JDS) reporting units

4) Connectivity options – interface to POC data managers or the LIS

  • POCT1-A2 communication protocol offers:

° Standardized two-way communication with data managers

° When interfaced to third party data management systems (DMS), operator

lists can be sent to remote analyzers from a central location

Note: existing DMS interfaces may need to be updated to support the POCT1-A2 communication protocol

1 GHX Market Intelligence 4Q 2012 Report