Healthcare in India: Trends and InsightsStriking Healthcare Business Cases from across India

Medical Solutions travelled the length and breadth of India to talk to the country’s healthcare leaders. How do they meet the challenges facing their country? What is their vision for the future of healthcare in India? Their strategies: Bold business models that other countries can even adapt.

Explore their stories in our India Special.

Dr. Devi Shetty

Interview with the Indian Healthcare Visionary Dr. Devi Shetty

CT Scan India

SKS Hospital in South India saves time and costs despite a higher investment in a high-end CT scanner.

Lab Automation System

Economies of scale enable Dr. A Velumani from a Mumbai-Based laboratory to be a market leader.

Orthopedic Radiology

Indian expert Dr. S. Rajasekaran used simple radiological tools for research to transform international methodologies in orthopedics.

MRI Access

How an MRI center in India provides access to superior MRI scans for the poor and the middle class.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

How PSG Hospitals became likely the most updated hospital in its region.

MRI India

100 scans per day and growing: Innovative workflows are paying off for an MRI Center and its patients.

Babina Diagnostics

How a rather inaccessible region in India benefits from laboratory automation.

Medanta The Medicity

Interview with renowned Indian heart surgeon Dr. Naresh Trehan on his business strategies.