CARE Applications for X-ray ProductsReducing radiation dose while maintaining image quality

The CARE program combines a variety of cutting-edge applications that reduce radiation dose to patients and staff. As a result, image quality is maintained while reducing dose.

    Automated copper filter selection that reduces the body entrance dose.
    Automatic calculation and optimization of exposure parameters.
    Dose area measurement and monitoring.
    Pulse frequencies of 30, 15, 7.5, and 3 pulses per second for low-dose imaging in real-time.
  • FluoroLoop1
    A background memory buffer for retrospective viewing and storage of fluoroscopic sequences, reducing the need for re-exposure.
    Radiation-free collimation is achieved using the last-image-hold for orientation.
    Radiation-free patient repositioning by using a virtual field display on the last-image-hold.
  • Removable grid
    Reduces dose in extremity examinations in pediatric patients.


1 Option.

Radiation-free collimation with CAREPROFILE*