syngo Portal Transcriptionist 

The syngo Portal Transcriptionist* offers role-based access to relevant information and tools for the transcriptionist. It is structured to deliver support for typical tasks such as transcribing or correcting reports. Putting clear priority on the most important information, it is designed to help the transcriptionist increase both efficiency and accuracy.

“Portalize your workflow” – with the syngo Portal Transcriptionist

  • Quick overview of the transcriptionist’s tasks
  • Efficient support – by organizing, sorting, and structuring the items in the transcriptionist’s work list
  • Clear priorities – the work list can be filtered first by assignment and in more detail by modality / body part / radiologist
  • Efficiency gains – through clear focus on report transcription tasks
  • Smooth workflow between the transcriptionist and radiologists – both portals share a common look and feel

Fonctionnalités et avantages

The syngo Portal Transcriptionist offers efficient workflow support for transcriptionists by providing role-based tools and efficiently structured information access.

Focused on efficiency

Transcriptionists can focus on their main task: the transcription and correction of reports.

Multiple sources

The syngo Portal Transcriptionist supports report transcription from multiple sources such as external tapes or a digital dictation system. Also, transcriptionists can correct speech recognition reports.

Ease of use

The syngo Portal Transcriptionist provides users with the relevant information and tools they need to transcribe or correct reports quickly and efficiently. These include instant access to voice files, reports, and prior reports of the patient. Additional information is just one click away.

Communication and workflow improvement

The portal provides a means of communication with the radiologist. For example, the radiologist can post notes to a report in syngo Portal Radiologist when sending the report to the transcriptionist and vice versa. The radiologist can also assign a transcription priority on a per report basis – helping the transcriptionist focus on the most important reports.