syngo.plazaReading, any dimension.

syngo.plaza1 is the agile PACS and reading software, where 2D, 3D, and 4D reading comes together in one place.


Drawing on Siemens Healthcare IT expertise, syngo.plaza is designed to meet the image reading needs by providing a wide range of applications and tools to support fast and efficient reading workflow.


syngo.plaza - a PACS for every role:

  • Radiologist
  • IT-Administrator
  • C-Level
  • Referring Physician

Fonctionnalités et avantages

The latest VB10 release is packed with new features designed to boost workflows even further.

The latest version VB10 of syngo.plaza1 is packed with new features designed to boost workflows even further.

Take the Smart Read function, for example:
It enables you to accelerate image access, and loads only the data relevant for your reading task. This is becoming increasingly important as more and more imaging data is produced by modalities such as CT, MR and US, and archived in the PACS. However, much of this additional data is not always relevant in the first step of the reading process. A typical use case is the intelligent handling of thick and thin slices. Easy-to-define Smart Read rules allow you to prevent thin slice data from loading. And because the system stores all images generated by the modalities, you can simply load them on demand by dragging to the viewer.
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Key benefits of syngo.plaza include:

syngo.plaza loads large image data sets quickly and efficiently, thanks to a fast loading performance. This helps to minimize unproductive time spent waiting for images to load, and enables you to start reading right away.

Personalized tools and layouts

syngo.plaza’s attractive and intuitive interface allows you to navigate through cases quickly and effectively. Customizable layouts make your daily routine more efficient – and increase reading throughput.

Wide spectrum of clinical applications

syngo.plaza saves time by allowing you to access features that are usually only available at separate workstations. Plus, when used with syngo.via2 you can access advanced applications from your PACS through No-click integration.

Modular and scalable design

syngo.plaza is characterized by its modular software, applications and hardware. As a result, it is suitable for deployment in a wide range of customer scenarios and can respond flexibly to changing requirements.


Minimal administrative effort

With syngo.plaza you can significantly reduce the IT department’s administrative effort. The system is reliable, stable, and easy to manage. Plus, it can be integrated into popular Microsoft and Citrix environments.

Smart Data Conversion

Siemens offers fast and efficient mechanisms to elevate existing legacy PACS systems to syngo.plaza.

syngo.plaza seamlessly integrates with your IT environment, and features the same familiar interface as other syngo and Siemens products. By using software and modalities from a single vendor, you benefit from a highly convenient user experience.

Common intuitive user interface

syngo is Siemens’ unique platform for medical imaging, providing rapid access to great applications. Systems and services go hand-in-hand and have the same look and feel.

Seamlessly connected hospital IT

syngo.plaza integrates seamlessly with the syngo platform and Siemens modalities, delivering an end-to-end imaging solution. This means you benefit from rapid and smooth data exchange, accelerating workflows and enhancing patient care.

Convenient single-vendor solution

By deploying syngo.plaza in conjunction with other syngo products and Siemens imaging hardware, you benefit from a single-vendor solution of the highest quality.

Approche clinique

syngo®.plaza supports all roles from radiologist to IT administrator to finance and referring physician.

PACS for Every Role

syngo.plaza - Radiologist

Complete procedures faster, saving time:

  • Fast image access with high loading performance
  • Quick and easy access to image mark-ups through the unique Findings Navigator
  • Options for 3D/4D, Mammography, DSA and more at one workplace
  • Tight No-click integration to syngo.via3 for efficient 3D/4D reading

Make your life easier through:

  • Robust and intuitive user interface
  • Personalized tools (e.g. SmartSelect) and display layouts to match individual preferences
  • The Patient Jacket shows the patient’s history at a glance – including prior exams, reports, and DICOM Structured Reports
  • Comprehensive worklist filtering including RIS-fields

Access anywhere4 through:

  • Full reading capability through complete feature set, including advanced applications
  • Low-bandwidth caching and worklist features for off-site comfort with “on-site performance”
  • Easy deployment


syngo.plaza - IT-Administrator

Easy to service through:

  • Easy implementation and remote serviceability
  • Windows-based know-how environment
  • Flexible deployments: software-only5 utilizing existing hardware, virtualization, clustering, etc.

Easy integration in your enterprise:

  • Web deployment
  • Integration with other systems such as RIS/HIS/EPR
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Smart Data Conversion for smooth migration of legacy data

An investment that grows with your future needs:

  • Compatibility
  • Low IT management requirements, e.g., no Java versioning, dependencies, etc.
  • IHE, supporting the newest technologies
  • Participate in latest IT technology with Citrix7 support 
syngo.plaza - C-Level

Faster “ready-to-go”-solution, management, and availability:

  • Windows-based “know-how”
  • One solution that covers both your clinical and IT needs
  • Faster availability of radiological services

Protected investment without limiting growth:

  • Cost savings through reusing existing infrastructure: available as software-only5, virtualization, etc.
  • Flexibility to grow with your expanding needs in storage and functionality
  • Service agreement for high uptime rates

Increased productivity:

  • Resource sharing through “read from home”
  • Business continuity concept through, e.g., 2-room cluster
  • Optimized workflow enabling more procedures per day to be completed 
syngo.plaza - Referring Physician

Cost-effective image access with syngo.plaza Web clients:

  • Variable compression loading for faster image viewing
  • Browser independent
  • No Admin rights for installation required

Intuitive and easy to work with syngo.plaza Web clients:

  • Same intuitive user interface as the reporting client for radiologists makes training easy
  • Support of two displays
  • Access to powerful tools for 3D reconstruction (MIP, MPR, VRT etc.)
  • Access to surgical planning software (mediCAD)

Extended viewing options for referring physicians:

  • Citrixsupport for access to syngo.plaza anywhere4, at virtually any device including various mobile devices
  • syngo.share6 for patient-centric image access to multimedia files and greater image sharing possibilities