Strategy and Management

Strategy and Management

A coherent business strategy for successful growth, focused on a business model and its financing, is critical to succeeding in an increasingly competitive market.


Turning strategic challenges into opportunities
Healthcare Consulting works with you to develop an individualized concept with the objective of improving quality and lowering costs.
Profitability while maintaining a high quality of care for each patient is the central challenge of today`s healthcare organizations.

A consistent, competitive business strategy is indispensable.

Together we develop customized, innovative organizational concepts
that optimally equip your business for the future.
We work with you to develop business plans and marketing concepts while considering site-specific aspects and information relevant to your competitiveness.

With a strong strategy in place, we can help you take the next step in realizing your vision and goals.

Our portfolio

Business planning

  • Preparation of a bankable business plan
  • Transparency for your new business ideas

Operational organization

  • Concepts for efficient business organization
  • Optimization of your administrative processes and workflows


  • Development of sustainable business models in complex stakeholder environments
  • Recommendations for additional reimbursement


Our clinical main focus


  • Radiology roadmap for the next decade
  • Business concept for a imaging centers
  • Transsector cooperation models


  • Business planning for heart centers
  • Concept design of a regional integrated care network for coronary heart disease


  • Business planning for radiotherapy centers
  • Integrated delivery model for outpatient and inpatient services


  • Concepts for neuroscience centers
  • Integration of a neuro-radiology department