syngo LungCARE CT and syngo Lung CAD1


Computer-aided detection and follow-up support of pulmonary nodules.


syngo® LungCARE CT is designed to support the physicians in conforming the presence or absence of lung lesions, regular size ground glass nodules (GGN), and small-size ground glass opacities (GGO). It allows for volumetric analysis of pulmonary lesions, aiding the user to assess nodule changes in their growth. 

Fonctionnalités et avantages

syngo LungCARE CT offers:

  • Computer-guided localization of pre-marked lesion
  • Close-up inspection of suspected lesion with the rotating MPR mode
  • Automatic segmentation and volumetry measurements of lung lesions
  • Visualization of the segmented lesions with perspective VRT displays or MPR techniques
  • Dedicated and flexible reporting of all findings


The syngo LungCAD device is a computer-aided detection (CAD) tool designed to assist radiologists in the detection of solid pulmonary nodules.


General Requirements

  • syngo.via pour TDM
  • SOMATOM Definition
  • SOMATOM Sensation
  • SOMATOM Emotion
  • SOMATOM Definition Flash
  • SOMATOM Definition AS

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.