Wireless Ultrasound Transducers Innovation Shows

ACUSON Freestyle wireless ultrasound transducer technologies

Set the pace for modern healthcare with the industry’s first wireless ultrasound transducers. Keeping efficiency and value in mind, Siemens Healthcare has engineered this cable-free technology to meet your current clinical and operational challenges. It’s time to propel your practice into the forefront of quality care with modern ultrasound innovations.

Technology Made for Efficiency

Pioneered by the expert engineers at Siemens, wireless ultrasound transducers deliver
new levels of efficiency, physician comfort, and patient safety to your practice. They feature
proprietary ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless radio to help ensure images are transferred at
high speeds, with full data integrity and free from interfering with other medical equipment— and all without cables. These breakthrough cable-free innovations help provide uninterrupted, hassle-free, real-time imaging that allows you to scan in the position that is comfortable for you and safe for your patient.

  • Find ergonomic control in the clinical setting with freedom from cable management
  • Minimize time spent on preparation and readjustments with a greater range of scanning motion
  • Easily make adjustments, even from across the room, with integrated transducer controls for all imaging parameters
  • Maintain probe location security with an internal alarm system enabled by Bluetooth® wireless radio

Learn how Siemens wireless ultrasound transducers, available exclusively on the ACUSON Freestyle™ ultrasound system, can help accelerate your imaging practices.

Clinical, Cable-Free Capability 
Wireless ultrasound transducers streamline your imaging experience and they are built for easy scanning and focusing, excellent detail and contrast resolution, and improved infection control. Featuring enhanced, real-time imaging capabilities, they were created as powerful, clinical tools to bring your practice into modern healthcare.

  • Increase safety and decrease complications through improved infection control with transducers and batteries that are fully submersible into high level disinfectant
  • Easily maintain the sterile field with cable-free transducers
  • Enhance your imaging experience with automatically crisp, uniform images delivered by computational focusing and Pixelformer™ image processing architecture

Learn more about wireless ultrasound transducers for anesthesiology, interventional radiology, musculoskeletal, and pain management ultrasound.

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