Operational Excellence in Ultrasound: From the Waiting Room to the Exam Room


Siemens Healthineers is committed to holistically enhancing the operational efficiency of your ultrasound services. Our highly productive ultrasound equipment can speed exam times by up to 40%1 while providing you with the diagnostic tools to help provide better, more standardized care for your patients.

To extend the improvements outside your ultrasound scan room, we are proud to announce a new operational excellence program for your ultrasound services. Customers who upgrade to our ACUSON S Family™ of ultrasound systems, HELX™ Evolution with Touch Control may participate in our Operational Excellence in Ultrasound program.
The engagement includes Lean/Six Sigma-certified advisors who will analyze, monitor, and sustain ultrasound service line operational performance for customers.

Reduced Scan Times
  • ACUSON S Family™ ultrasound systems, HELX Evolution with Touch Control, an intuitive and easy-to-learn family of systems with efficiency tools shown to reduce scan times and reduce ultrasound scan variability.2
  • Lean/Six Sigma-certified advisors who will conduct an onsite visit and analyze and monitor the ultrasound service line operational performance looking for workflow bottlenecks. Following their research, our advisors will present their insights, recommendations for process improvements, and quantify the potential financial outcomes of implementing the provided recommendations.
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