ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE Catheter
Changing your view of structural heart procedures

ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE Catheter
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Clinical Use

See the tricuspid valve anatomy from atrial and ventricular perspective with one catheter position.
View multiple planes of the left atrial appendage in 4D Volume5
Precisely measure the LAA ostium ensuring measurements in the right plane.
See the tricuspid valve: View multiple planes of regurgitant jet from one catheter projection
See the tricuspid valve annulus: circle tool to accurately identify leaflets in 4D Volume.
View the mitral valve in 4D Volume with one catheter position.
Atrial septum: view the device from the right and left atrium in 4D Volume with one catheter position.
Pulmonic valve: focus in a specific area with D’art tool in real-time 4D Volume.
Paravalvular leak – pulmonic valve: Evaluate valve area in 4D Volume with one catheter position.

What challenges are experienced with structural heart disease procedures?

Due to tremendous growth of the world population over age 651 the number of structural heart disease (SHD) procedures is rapidly expanding. To serve this population patients better and faster, advanced imaging tools increasing procedural efficiency are required.

ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE Catheter enables interventional cardiologists and electrophysiologists to…

see more

See more

See more than you’ve ever seen before in ICE imaging3 in real time to accurately navigate, guide and measure with MPR’s. More information in one view.
do more

Do more

See the tricuspid valve clearly while imaging from the right heart.4 Be prepared for the new frontier of SHD interventions in the right heart.
with less

With less

Potential to:
  • reduce scheduling effort and staffing needs5
  • reduce procedural time and costs5
  • use conscious sedation vs. general anesthesia
  •  enable shorter patient stay and recovery
  • further reduce fluoroscopy and contrast dose

Technical Specifications

Imaging Modes

  • 2D and 4D
  • 2D and 4D colorflow Doppler
  • Pulsed wave (PW) and continuous wave (CW) spectral Doppler

Catheter Specs

  • Real-time volume (4D) imaging
  • Azimuthal, elevation, coronal planes
  • 12.5 F, 90 cm
  • Up to 40 volumes per second (vps) in 4D B-mode
  • Up to 20 volumes per second (vps) in 4D color mode 

Joystick allows table-side efficient control of procedures

More control

  • Allows tableside control of the ACUSON SC2000 PRIME ultrasound system - optimized for system control when using AcuNav Volume ICE catheter

More efficiency

  • Increase procedural efficiency with better coordination and potentially less staff required 

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2Technavio Left Atrial Appendage Closure Market 2017-2022 (Global market)

3Compared to ACUSON AcuNav V catheter and other solutions currently available

4Intracardiac imaging has fewer obstacles to viewing the tricuspid valve anatomy compared to TEE, data on file

5Compared to TEE procedures, data on file

The product is not commercially available in all countries. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.