eLuminateGet connected to Siemens' results reporting system, eLuminate.

Results reporting just got clearer and easier

We want our partnership with you to be based on clear communication and close attention to detail. With eLuminate you will experience web-based clarity and transparency in your cost per result (CPR) reporting process.

eLuminate is Siemens' easy-to-use CPR reporting system designed to more effectively meet your needs. With eLuminate, you’ll submit test result totals you extract from your LIS, with a simple and efficient 3-step result submission process.

Features & Benefits

Interactive reporting processes

With eLuminate, CPR invoices are produced from reported results files you generate from your LIS and submit online via our website1. This interactive web-based application allows views into every step of your results reporting processes, enabling you to identify potential discrepancies before you complete your result submission.

Improved monitoring and reporting

One simple click takes you to eLuminate's reporting section that provides easy 24/7 access to financial and product delivery information related to your reported data. Flexible queries enable you to download or generate printer-friendly reports by date, site, instrument(s), assay(s), and/or reporting periods.

No hardware or software purchase is required to use eLuminate, giving you a cost-effective opportunity to streamline your processes.

This product is available to registered usa.siemens.com/diagnostics users with a CPR contract in the U.S. only. Please sign in to view additional information.